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Best Apps For Second Grade

Occasionally, it can be challenging to keep kids suitably busy, especially when school is out of session. 

Finding apps that offer kid-friendly, developmental information in bite-sized bits for second graders can be challenging because today’s youngsters spend a significant portion of their days using tablets, phones, and other electronic devices. 

Since many educational apps contain activities to make studying more entertaining, using screen time to augment their education can be advantageous and enjoyable.

Want to increase the value of your screen time without spending a fortune? This article has curated the 15 best apps for second grade.

Why Choose Apps for Second Grade?

Previously, children could only receive an education in a physical classroom, but mobile learning apps have enabled them to attend school through computers, tablets, and cell phones. 

By downloading assignments and uploading finished homework, second-grade students can participate in the learning process anytime and from any location. 

The world of education is expanding quickly, and mobile learning, with its various apps, is starting to take off. While these apps for second grade have numerous benefits, there are also some drawbacks.

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What are the Pros and Cons?

The concepts of mobile learning have been embraced by numerous parents, districts, schools, and organizations. They let their kids use laptops and cell phones and encourage them to do so for educational purposes. 

Mobile app learning may be entertaining for children, but it can be highly beneficial for second graders when used correctly.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of using these apps for second grade.


Permanent education source

Information technology was primarily used for fixed purposes and on selected devices compared to previous years. However, they require ongoing access to the information base at this stage, when technology development and expansion are flourishing. 

Mobile gadgets enable the educational process to be continuous because they are frequently located and held by the same individual.

In contrast to conventional teaching strategies, second graders can finish their work whenever convenient, and teachers can move the passive portion of instruction outside the classroom. 

Additionally, mobile phones are constantly available with a host of advantages that enable you to access valuable materials, engage in social contact, and use facilities if you have an internet connection. 

Updating information regularly

Books still have a place in our society, but thanks to apps for second grade, learning can now be updated in the app when information changes. There is no need to rewrite, edit, or reissue a book.

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Individualized learning is possible

Everyone hears the same material simultaneously during a lecture in a classroom. There are levels or segments in many educational and learning apps for second grade, allowing for customization. 

A pupil won’t advance to the newer material unless they have mastered the earlier material.

Enhanced comfort and ability with technology 

Perfectionism is a process that requires practice. Not all kids live in homes with technology. Utilizing these educational apps can assist students in learning technology in addition to the subject matter the app is meant to teach.

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High test scores

Studies suggest that children who regularly utilize educational and learning apps perform better in various academic subjects, particularly arithmetic.


Apps are fantastic for learning, but there are some issues with their constant usage. The key is finding a balance between using apps and conventional learning methods.

If you are worried that your second grader is using learning apps excessively, keep an eye out for the following signs.

Missing out on “Old School” skills

Do you remember when using a calculator in class was a big deal? (No? Just me? Boy, am I old! But in all seriousness, using a calculator was considered “cheating.” 

Today, there are calculators, spell checkers, grammar checkers, and much more. Students no longer memorize phone numbers. Therefore our ability to use working memory effectively is declining. 

Make sure to mix in some physical activities and informative board games.

Less Personal Contact

An application lacks feelings. It doesn’t get all giddy when you finally accomplish anything, and it doesn’t look at you with disapproval and clear its throat when you are not paying attention, as parents and instructors do. 

A child can only become desensitized to emotions and reactions by receiving objective feedback. As a result of their inexperience with body language and pragmatics, they could also become overly sensitive.

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Apps are singular and sedentary

There aren’t many apps used in groups to play, or they can be used while exercising, swimming, or running. 

The child spends most of their time alone using the app while sitting down. It can be detrimental to a child’s physical and emotional growth if it lasts several hours daily.

Distracting and overstimulating

What works well for one student may not for another, just like any instructional strategy. The activity, colors, and loudness may overwhelm and distract some students.

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Spreads the current gaps

In our nation, there are tremendous discrepancies in terms of wealth, income, education, and race. 

A child who grows up with devices and apps at home and has parents who are comfortable helping them with it is at a significant advantage over a youngster who has less money, no machines or apps, and parents or grandparents who are uncomfortable with technology.

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15 Best Apps For Second Grade

Learn about the apps your students need to succeed in second grade! Our second-grade apps can help students develop their math and reading abilities, enjoy social studies and science challenges, and cultivate positive interpersonal relationships.

Kids can build a solid basis for their future academic success using these apps for second grade.

These second-grade apps provide your child with an engaging and challenging learning experience, whether you want to strengthen their existing abilities or help them develop new ones.

Check out our choices for the best apps for the second grade below!

1. Thinkrolls Play & Code

Teaching your children the fundamentals of coding and problem-solving techniques will give them a head start in the modern digital world. 

Thinkrolls Play & Code is an award-winning educational entertainment software for children ages 3 to 8 developed by the educational app specialists at Avokiddo.

Second graders may use Thinkrolls Play & Code to solve puzzles, overcome challenging tasks, and plan their adventures while learning many pre-coding principles with each action! 

By working through more than 1000 Arcade Logic Puzzles and maze courses, kids will develop their critical thinking and inventive problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, the app for second grade provides a selection of brain teasers that will amuse your kid and help them develop their reasoning, memory, and fine motor abilities. 

Kids can learn to detect patterns and forms by playing games like “Find the Odd One Out,” “Sort A Lot,” and many others in the category “Brain Games.”

As they lead various creatures through difficulties and challenges in Thinkrolls Play & Code, children are encouraged never to give up and to plan a few steps. 

If your child struggles with a challenge at first, Thinkrolls gives them numerous chances to try out various solutions until one works!

 Download Thinkrolls Play & Code

2. Second Grade Learning Games

Second, Grade Learning Games promote play-based learning by providing children with more than 18 games, songs, and stories. 

This second-grade app is beneficial as it allows users to practice multiplication, money, time, punctuation, STEM, science, and more. It is compatible with both Android and iPad devices.

You may be sure these 18 games will help your child succeed in school because they were all created using the second-grade and state core curriculum standards. 

The program is ideal for second graders since it keeps them entertained with voice narration, vibrant graphics and animations, and various upbeat noises and music.

Download Second Grade Learning Games

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3. Reading Eggs

Parents can use the app to improve their second-graders learning abilities. Also, second graders who are reading proficiently will be challenged by Reading Eggs and continue to advance in their literacy. 

The app has comprehension exercises for both fiction and nonfiction stories. Each week, a brand-new narrative is added for no cost. 

As one of the top apps for learning in the second grade, it is free to download on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and provides in-app purchases for an all-access pass.

Download Reading Eggs

4. Dr. Seuss Treasury Kids Books

With a vast collection of well-known Dr. Seuss books, kids can learn while having fun. By immersing themselves in these timeless children’s books, they can expand their vocabulary, read more fluently, and understand what they have read better.

This app will be familiar to anyone who has read Dr. Seuss’s stories in traditional paper-based books because they are the same typeface used for the letters. The illustrations are all there in their distinctive style, the text is complete, and the zany humor is just as amusing.

The stories do contain a few nods to the innovative new format they are now presented in. The conventional is brought to life with interactive features, animations, and distinctive sound effects.

The Dr. Seuss Treasury Kids Books app for a second grade can be downloaded free, but a subscription is required to access the books. 

You’ll be happy to know that the app is available for a 30-day free trial, during which you can see if the books appeal to your child as they do to millions of others. Even if the interest disappears, 30 days can still be filled with reading.

Download Dr. Seuss Treasury Kids Books

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4. DragonBox Numbers

A brand-new math game called DragonBox Numbers works to improve number sense in children between the ages of 4 and 8. 

Instead of emphasizing reputation and memory, the game aids children in developing an intuitive grasp of numbers—what they are, how they function, and what they may be used for.

The characters in the game, known as Rooms, represent numbers as colorful and personable figures, bringing math to life. The Rooms can be used in any way the user wants by stacking, slicing, combining, sorting, comparing, and playing.

Similar to the other games in the acclaimed DragonBox series, such as DragonBox Algebra and DragonBox Elements, the game is based on pedagogical principles and works by seamlessly incorporating learning into gameplay.

Download DragonBox Numbers

5. Time Duration

Time Duration is a user-friendly, kid-friendly second-grade app that teaches kids the topic of elapsed time. 

Child’s Progress: This helpful tool allows parents to keep track of their child’s development, including levels, overall attempts, and the number of accurate responses. This function is fantastic for use in the classroom or home because it accurately reflects the child’s development.

The app features excellent graphics, multiple progressive levels, and in-app support. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in this app. Ages 6 to 9 can use the iOS and Windows versions of the app, which is accessible.

Download Time Duration

6. One Globe Kids

With the help of other kids from various backgrounds around the world, One Globe Kids is an app that attempts to help kids understand their place in the world. 

It offers case studies of eight kids from different countries, each with a thorough backstory and several other connected activities. 

Children who may not have had much prior experience or knowledge about other global citizens will find it accessible and understandable because it uses young children and tells their stories in their own words.

Children can view each child’s world from various angles, including reading about their average day, learning historical information about their nation, participating in various language activities, and having a “conversation.”

Download One Globe for Kids

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7. Draw and Tell

This app is made for children ages 3 to 9. All the supplies necessary for creation are available to children, including crayons, brushes, stickers, backdrops, patterns, stencils, and more. 

They will have limitless storytelling options. The best part is that while they tell their story, the app can record their voice and turn it into a movie.

The creators of Khan Academy and other related products are also behind this award-winning app. Their objective is to give parents all the resources they need to educate their children.

Download Draw and Tell

8. Sight Words – Learning Games (Pro)

The kid-friendly educational platform “Sight Words: Reading Games” helps children become familiar with sight words. Sight words are everyday words that don’t adhere to fundamental phonics and are created to help children read more quickly. Many of the most often found printed words are Dolch Sight Words.

Six games are available in the app’s complete edition, while two are free. Although there are no in-app advertisements on the application, the free edition does offer in-app purchases for more content.

The program, which supports Pre-School, Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grades, is accessible on the iOS and Android platforms and is appropriate for users eight and under. This application is American in origin. However, it may also be used by pupils in the UK in the Reception, Years 1 – 4. 

Download Sight Words

9. Fact Monster

A great selection of instructional games is Fact Monster. Games and movies cover various subjects, including arithmetic, language arts, and science. 

In addition, Fact Monster includes essential reference materials, flashcards, exciting facts, and child assignment assistance. Children aged five and older will adore Fact Monster’s ability to make studying enjoyable.

Download Fact Monster

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10. Painting Lulu Coloring Books for Kids

Painting Lulu is a new breed of coloring book, fantastic for encouraging artistic expression and investigating color! 

Six lovely coloring books are available, including ones featuring My Little Pony, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Tonka Construction, and Lulu & Friends. With this free download, you also get The Lulu & Friends.

In another mode, you can use images from your photo stream to create coloring-book-style images.

Download Painting Lulu 

11. Star Chart

The Star Chart app is sure to pique your children’s curiosity and any potential astronomers’ imaginations. To learn about all of the stars, constellations, planets, and galaxies above, kids only need to gaze their device at the sky. 

Also, they can even observe the sky from any location on the earth, which is guaranteed to be a big hit, especially with older children who have already studied a little bit about space.

This is one of the best second-grade apps and is free to download.

Download Star Chart

12. Reading Prep Comprehension

Are you searching for the best app for second grade? Reading prep comprehension will test proficient readers in the second grade and keep them progressing in their literacy skills. 

The program has comprehension exercises for both fiction and nonfiction stories. Each week, a brand-new narrative is added for no cost.

The app can be downloaded for free, and in-app purchases for an all-access pass are available.

Download Reading Prep Comprehension

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13. MentalUP Educational Games

More than 5 million students in 60 countries use MentalUP, fun and scientifically sound educational app that offers games and activities to help kids aged 4 to 13 develop their cognitive abilities.

The creators of MentalUP have created several brain games that expose students to various problems and the multiple modes of the thought needed to solve them. On the App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and Google Play Store for Android, you can get MentalUP for nothing.

Download MentalUP Educational Games

14. Stack the States

Geographical locations are taught using a series of mini-games in The Stack the States and its more extensive companion, Stack The Countries. 

There are many activities for kids to engage in here while learning facts, including anti-Tetris, where states and countries are stacked ever higher, the mentally challenging jigsaw puzzle, and the faster-paced Capital Drop mode. 

Second-grade students will become experts at knowing where states and countries are located and identifying their capitals, languages, and significant landmarks over time because each puzzle contains questions about individual states.

Download Stack the States

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How to Choose the Best Apps for Second Grade

You may recall showing your parents how to use email. Nowadays, your second-grader may offer you the newest smartphone app while you question whether they even need to use it.

Parents nowadays are more tech-savvy than those of a previous age, but even so-called “digital native” parents find it challenging to keep up with the thousands of new kid-focused apps released yearly. 

But how can you tell which app best meets your second grader’s needs? Below, you’ll find some helpful information.

1. Choose the abilities you want to develop

Consider the same tasks or abilities your child wants to practice and develop. For instance, if you’re looking for an app to improve your child’s reading skills, a simple search for “reading applications” may overwhelm you. 

Consider particular abilities like phonemic awareness, understanding, phonics, vocabulary, or spelling. Your chances of discovering the ideal app for your second-grade requirements will increase if you focus your search.

2. Find apps that provide a variety of activities.

Apps that have kids do monotonous tasks repeatedly (sometimes called “grinding” games) frequently fail to keep kids’ attention for extended periods. 

Make sure the app you select has a range of diverse activities available. It will give you more value for your money and keep your youngster engaged and motivated for longer.

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3. Conduct your research

This is one essential step you must consider when looking for second-grade apps. Reviews for reputable apps are almost definitely already available online for you to look up and read. 

Look for reputable companies with experience in creating educational products for second graders to ensure they are carefully structured to assist your child get the best out of their learning experience.

You can also look for trusted parenting or educational blogs to get advice from other parents and educators.

4. Locate applications with various functionalities

On the market, there are a lot of educational applications that make educational claims but offer very few features and functionalities. 

This makes it challenging to give kids a learning experience that will aid in their retention of essential knowledge and ample practice. 

For instance, you can come across early mathematics apps for youngsters in the second grade that merely produce a hilarious sound when they’ve solved a straightforward problem. 

In addition to being entertaining and addictive, apps for second grade with complicated incentive structures and various levels encourage kids to keep practicing until they’ve learned a skill altogether.

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Use the application yourself.

It can be simpler to decide quickly based on a few internet reviews, but it’s always a good idea to try the app out for yourself to ensure it’s suitable for your child’s needs and developmental stage. 

Many applications, including the Reading Eggs app, let you try them out before buying them. You may make a confident choice before paying for an app’s extra features by choosing one that gives parents the free trial option.

For instance, for second-grade students using iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, Reading Eggs offers a variety of instructional apps for reading and numeracy. The Reading Eggs applications are created by a reputable team of educators who have developed highly dynamic touch activities and various motivating features.

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FAQs on Best Apps for Second Grade

Can I keep an eye on my child’s activity on specific apps?

Most apps let you ban particular users in addition to disabling features that could endanger kids.

What is the required screen time for a second grader?

Not more than 2 hours per day for second graders.

How can I keep an eye on my kids’ screen time? 

With the help of third-party applications like Norton Family, Qustodio, or Net Nanny, you can keep tabs on your child’s screen time.

If I use a smartphone’s built-in parental controls, can my child turn them off?

Yes, children may override parental controls.


The fundamentals of early literacy are being built in the second grade. Therefore, it should be no surprise that phonics and reading comprehension are the main topics of the apps for second grade. 

Students in the second grade should work on their fluency and learn how to read smoothly and rapidly while also improving their comprehension and understanding of what has been read. For second graders, there are many reading applications available.

We looked for a few comprehensive, scientifically supported early language development apps for second grade to help make learning fun and exciting.



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