15 Best Dating Apps For College Students in 2023

Best Dating Apps For College Students

College is one of the most demanding and rewarding experiences a young adult can have. You get a chance to spread your wings, practice being independent, and put on adult clothes. 

Unfortunately, that also came with many annoying things like stress and packed schedules, making dating a little tricky.

Undoubtedly, Hollywood paints a romantic picture of collegiate dating. You know, with all the gatherings and impromptu frisbee matches in the quad. How might you avoid running into someone special? 

College students spend most of their time in class or studying, and many even work part-time jobs. This makes dating in college (in fact) much harder than it was before.

Looking for friends, dates, partners, or quick hookups? If you know which dating apps for college students to utilize, they all have what you need. With this article, you’ll find the one for you.

What are Dating Apps?

A dating app is an online dating service installed and delivered through a mobile phone application, repeatedly utilizing a smartphone’s GPS location capacities, always-on presence, and rapid access to mobile wallets and digital photo galleries to strengthen the specific aspect of online dating.

Any possible expenditures associated with its use are more than outweighed by the convenience of meeting and engaging with like-minded people.

Don’t be embarrassed when someone inquires about how you met your significant other. Dating apps are also essentially search engines.

They use algorithms to suggest matches based on the information you provide, including personal details (such as age and location), preferences you choose, and app activity.

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Why use Dating Apps?

According to estimates of the number of people who use dating websites in the nation, close to 27 million Americans use dating programs on their smartphones.

Fifty-three million people are anticipated to use dating apps by 2024. Many people will probably try online dating whether they like it or hate it.

With the stress and demanding schedules, college students sometimes find it challenging to enjoy traditional ways of finding partners. Since the technological age keeps developing, it’s easier to converse and meet new lovers online with more defined preferences.

Whether it is casual or long-term relationships you are looking for as a college student, dating apps got you covered.

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Pros and Cons of Dating Apps for College Students

Why, then, should you use dating apps as a college student? Well, the solutions are here.

Here are a few impressive online dating pros to help you understand why it’s a beautiful thing.


On dating apps, college students find fulfilling relationships.

The possibility of a genuine connection is the most significant benefit of using a dating app for college students. There is a chance for a long-lasting relationship. 

You can meet someone through a dating app and engage in fascinating conversations that develop into a connection and, ultimately, a commitment. Then, all of the frustrating games and losses feel worthwhile.

Also, you can discover innumerable posts of people who met using a dating app, decided to be together, and have remained together for years if you browse any social media platform. It’s somewhat comforting and romantic. It gives users of dating apps hope that it might also happen to them.

Meeting New People is Simple with Dating Apps

Dating apps provide a quick and handy method to meet new people and create friends online. Nowadays, we spend a significant portion of our lives online; thus, meeting individuals online is very common.

There aren’t many spontaneous offline meetings of folks. After all, not many individuals are used to having their conversations interrupted while shopping for avocados in the grocery store. 

Classrooms, parks, libraries, and other locations that used to be the standard for meeting new people no longer nearly carry the same prominence.

Many college students want nothing more than to concentrate on their tasks when they are out and about. Therefore, dating apps to discover friends and potential partners have gradually become the standard. 

Uncomfortable conversations can be ended at any time, which isn’t always possible offline.

You can restrict or limit the pool of potential dates.

You must be specific about your tastes and assess each prospective date to see whether they are a good fit, whether you go on a blind date, speed date, or any other offline date. To put it mildly, that can become awkward.

With dating apps, you check off a few boxes, and the algorithm will pair you up with other college students who also checked off those same boxes. 

By doing this, you can be confident that the person you’re speaking with has passed muster and satisfies the minimum standards necessary for you to consider them a viable companion. Neither their time nor yours will be wasted.

You can speak to several people simultaneously.

With dating apps, it’s simple to carry on numerous discussions simultaneously. You can chat with many individuals at once to see if you click and then match with them. 

If you don’t, moving on to the next Match is simple, and keep going until you discover an excellent match.

Also, there are situations where you can connect with several people at once, and, thanks to dating apps, you may keep corresponding with them until you sort through your matches and choose the person who best fits you. 

This can be completed quickly or slowly, and a dating app makes it incredibly simple. If you’re doing it offline, it might be seen as impolite and cheating, and someone might feel degraded. 

On the other hand, dating apps have an unwritten law that you can chat with as many matches as you want. Additionally, everything is fair game until you and your possible partner define your connection.

You Have Control with Online Dating

Finally, you have control, which is likely the most significant advantage of dating apps. The entire online dating process is in your possession. For instance, you can unmatch if you match someone and then find out they are not the ideal match for you.

They will be stopped if you want to block them. You can quit a conversation at any time without feeling uncomfortable.

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This section will discuss various drawbacks of dating apps, such as texting challenges and online dating scams.

You could come in contact with a catfish.

Online dating frequently involves dealing with catfishing. It’s a problem you need to think about whether you run into someone who somewhat exaggerated their height, marginally enhanced their lips in images, or entirely transformed their appearance. 

Some users of dating apps even go so far as to claim to be completely different people—they plagiarize the images of other users.

That can be very concerning if you choose to meet them offline. Depending on how your connection developed while speaking on the dating app, you may feel lied to, insulted, and deceived at worst. In any event, you need to take safety measures to guard against catfishing.

Costs May Increase

Although many free dating apps are available for college students, they are typically insufficient if you plan to date continuously. 

Of course, you might not need to upgrade your accounts if you only go on casual dates and don’t spend much time on dating apps.

Subscriptions are preferable if the situation is the opposite. Most premium accounts get you to access to priceless benefits like limitless swipes, super-liking, and many more. 

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick with one dating app if you’re starting in the realm of online dating; you’ll probably try out a few. You should take into account the fact that your monthly expenses for online dating can add up.

It Might Require a Lot of Time and Work

For a very long period, online dating may be fruitless. While utilizing dating apps as a college student can save you a ton of time and effort and provide you with many prospective matches to browse through in a matter of minutes, this doesn’t mean that you’ll end up like any of them. 

Also, even if you enjoy some or all of them, it doesn’t guarantee that the conversation will run well. As a college student, your time is valuable, as spending so much on dating apps could affect your grades.

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Best Dating Apps For College Students

Making friends in college is difficult enough. However, what about dating? Most college students use dating apps, according to a 2017 survey. 

Additionally, the pandemic hasn’t substantially altered behavior; in 2021, more than 80% of undergraduates reported continuing to use dating apps at the same rate or faster than before the pandemic.

There are so many dating apps available; which one is the best for you?

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re sick of continually swiping and getting nowhere.

If you want to stop hoping that love is in the air and start finding it, look through our list of the best dating apps for college students below.

#1 Tinder

Tinder, the most well-known dating app for college students, focuses only on local matchmaking. 

Users specify their preferred distance, gender, and sexual orientation to discover matches, and Tinder matches two people when they both swipe right.

Tinder’s U feature contributes to its high ranking. Users enter an email address ending in.edu, which aids in limiting searches to campuses. 

Since Tinder is used by over 85% of college students who use dating apps, undergrads are sure to find a match.

Paid Features on Tinder

  • Tinder Plus – You may reverse your most recent swipe on Tinder Plus, meet people from all over the world, and receive unlimited likes.
  • Tinder Gold – you can see who has already liked you, receive one free Super Like each month, and access all the same features as the free editions.
  • Tinder Platinum – Along with the ability to see Top Picks and write notes to Super Likes, the features from the free, Plus, and Gold versions are included. 

Priority Likes are another option. With these, their profile is displayed before those without Platinum, whether you like or Super Like someone.

Get Tinder

#2 Bumble

Bumble is one of the best dating apps for college students as it most especially gives women more control. Women get to initiate contact when opposite-sex partners match, reducing the number of spam communications. 

In same-sex matches, any party may initiate contact. Bumble also incorporates safety elements like picture verification and in-app messaging to prevent the early exchange of contact information.

Additionally, Bumble helps college students engage with their community by providing ways to locate friends and business mentors, in contrast to many other dating applications.

Paid Features on Bumble

  • Bumble Boost allows you to use five SuperSwipes each week, extend matches for longer, swipe at any time, go back in time, and utilize Bumble Spotlight once each week.
  • Bumble Premium – Identical features to Bumble Boost plus Advanced infinite filters, the ability to view who has liked you, rematch with people, use travel mode, and incognito mode.

Get Bumble

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#3 Hinge

Users upload photos and respond to questions on Hinge. Based on your tastes and location, the app filters out individuals. 

However, Hinge prioritizes users in your social group compared to many other dating apps. By extension, this means that the program only displays potential matches who have mutual Facebook connections.

Also, Hinge offers a curated list rather than bombarding consumers with profiles. Review the images and prompts, then like and comment on anything that grabs your attention. Then, matches can get in touch to learn more about one another.

Paid Features on Hinge 

  • Hinge membership with preference – gives you access to more features like limitless likes and more filter choices. Additionally, you may view all of your admirers (instead of just one person at a time)

Get Hinge

#4 Grindr

This is one of the best dating apps for college students in our ever-evolving world.

Grindr is a gay, bi, transgender, and queer men’s dating app that matches users with local homosexual men. 

Before seeking matches, users add a photo and a brief bio. The match list on the app is sorted by proximity. Men can exchange images and schedule in-person meetings after they find each other.

Even though some people use Grindr to find lifelong companions, the app mainly emphasizes temporary relationships.

Paid Features on Grindr

  • Grindr XTRA – Enables you to send five expiring photographs daily, use Grindr XTRA filters, read receipts, browse up to 600 profiles in the cascade, explore mode, save chat phrases, check who has chatted with you, and use chat filters.
  • Grindr Unlimited – XTRA features and filters are available, as well as extras like the capacity to send an infinite number of expiring photos and see an unlimited number of profiles. You can also check who has viewed your profile.

Get Grindr

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#5 OkCupid

OkCupid, one of the older dating apps for college students, was first released in 2004. 

Like other apps, OkCupid allows users to add photos, biographical data, lists of their preferences, and details about their interests. Then, users respond to 15 questions, which OkCupid analyzes to determine a level of compatibility.

Users can match with other users after creating their profiles. You have the option to filter for detailed replies throughout the matching process or like and comment on answers.

Paid features on OkCupid

  • OkCupid Basic – It allows you to send as many Likes as you want,

Dealbreakers may be established for the preferences where there is no space for negotiation.

Also, no external advertisements will appear to you, and your intros are all visible at once.

  • OkCupid Premium – being aware of everyone you like before you like them, observing everyone’s public responses to inquiries, even those you have not yet addressed, and obtaining three free SuperLikes each week to use are the subscription packages.

Get OkCupid

#6 Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a non-swiping dating app for college students that offers excellent selections. An algorithm is used by the app to recommend matches. After reviewing and liking the possible Match, users can start a conversation.

A Coffee Meeting Bagel uses information from social media and shared friends to find compatible partners. 

The software then periodically delivers you a batch of possibilities while learning which matches you accept and which you reject. In this approach, the picks improve over time.

Paid Features on Coffee Meets Bagel

  • CMB Premium enables you to view, and read receipts, raise your profile, and more. It also allows you to obtain activity reports about bagels (such as if they have recently been online).

Get Coffee Meets Bagel

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#7 HER

The dating app for college students, HER, caters to lesbian, bi, queer, nonbinary, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals. HER, founded by gay individuals, pledges to be a welcoming community hub.

HER users can select from 16 sexual orientations and 18 gender identities to find their ideal Match in the dating section. Users browse profiles and find a chat partner. To make friends and find out about regional LQBTQ+ events, HER also provides social networking capabilities.

Paid Features on HER

  • HER Premium Gold – allows you to change your location, utilize incognito mode, view who has liked you, use premium filters, and rewind profiles.
  • HER Premium Platinum – Every feature of Gold, plus unlimited swipes, the ability to check read receipts, and one free Boost every month.


#8 Match

To assist people in finding love and beginning committed relationships, Match is a reputable dating app for college students. You can find like-minded individuals here if that’s what you’re looking for.

Match is free to sign up for and use but to read and send messages; you must purchase a subscription (unless the user has the Connect upgrade, in which case you would be allowed to talk with them).

Before purchasing a subscription, try Match for free. Based on their fundamental dating features, you ought to be able to determine if it’s the correct choice for you.

Paid Features on Match

  • Match Subscription – allows you to message other users and unlocks essential features.

Get Match

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#9 Harmony

One free service that harmony is the ability to take a compatibility test. Additionally, you can reply to a first message, view recent profile visits, and begin corresponding with other members by sending Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings.

While you can use the app for free to test it out, you’ll need to subscribe to enjoy all its dating features, such as viewing your matches’ photographs and having limitless communication.

Visit their website for suggestions for dates in various UK cities.

Paid Features on harmony

  • harmony Premium – You can see images of your matches, get limitless games, use improved search options, and have open communication with your matches with an eHarmony subscription.

Get Harmony 

#10 Christian Mingle

For individuals who follow a rigid religious path, college can resemble the Wild West. You might be concerned that you’ll lose yourself, but Christian Mingle makes it their mission to find you a compatible match who can strengthen your religion. 

Christian Mingle can be the ideal solution for your college dating needs if you’re looking for a Christian partner to encourage you in life and love.

Paid Features on Christian Mingle

  • Christian Mingle Premium – It allows you to send messages, unrestricted the use of SmartPicks, search anonymously, use the chat function and discover your likes.

Get Christian Mingle

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How To Choose The Right Dating App

Dating apps for college students are more common than ever, especially since avoiding social connections has become the new normal for many people worldwide. 

However, you must know which applications to use and avoid if you want to be successful at online dating. Doing so can lower your risk of being let down and raise your chances of discovering your perfect mate.

What qualities should you consider when choosing between the several dating apps on the market? To get started, see our list of suggestions below.

1. Search for a dating app that lets you connect with individuals who share your interests.

A dating app can be a lot of fun, but it might also be challenging to select the people who would be the most suitable for you from among all those possible matches.

Look for programs created especially for users like you to solve this issue. For instance, if you’re over 50, a dating app designed for your age group may make finding a match more accessible and faster.

2. View other users’ reviews

Do you check reviews other customers left when browsing for a new product? If so, you’re not the only one! 

This is an intelligent technique to determine whether a product is trustworthy and worth your money based on its claims. In regards to dating applications, you may do the same!

It’s a good idea to read some of the reviews that have been written about a particular dating app before determining if it’s perfect for you. 

These can show many of the advantages and disadvantages of the app, and this knowledge can assist you in avoiding spending your time on an app that is simply unsuitable for you.

3. Test the free version first

While looking for the best dating app for college students, you’ll discover that many have paid versions available. 

First, test out the accessible version of the app before you subscribe to the premium one. This alone can provide you with a wealth of information about the dating app’s capabilities and whether or not it has any features, you can use.

By experimenting with the trial version, you can determine whether the user interface is simple, whether there are many prospective matches with whom you’d be compatible, or whether the program is deficient in some functions. 

The goal is to avoid paying money upfront, so continue using the free version because you like it. You can then decide if you want to upgrade.

With a plan, you may choose the dating apps that best suit your requirements and expectations. It could need trial and error, but it will be worth the effort because not all apps are made equally.

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FAQs on Best Dating Apps for College Students

Do I pay in full when purchasing a 3- or 6-month OkCupid package?

Yes, you pay for the complete package upfront when you purchase a 3-month or 6-month subscription to Incognito Mode, OkCupid Basic, or OkCupid Premium.

Where precisely can one locate college guys?

To increase your chances of finding a date:
1. Look for men in your classes, clubs, or the common dorm area.
2. Find men outside of the campus at local gatherings or cafes.
3. Get the phone number or social media account of any guys who seem like they might be your kind.

Is Bumble a suitable dating app for college students?

If you are looking for a long-term committed relationship, Bumble is a superior choice.

On Tinder, is messaging free?

You can freely message another person if you match with them. On the other side, you will require a Gold membership if you like someone, but you’re not a match.


Since it may be challenging to make friends and meet new people in the real world, dating apps are top-rated among college students.

Dating apps offer a variety of alternatives; whether you want to go out with someone who isn’t in college or has previously graduated, widen your search to include students at surrounding colleges, or digitally swipe through classmates, you haven’t met yet.

But if you’re a college or university student interested in utilizing a dating app, you should check out some of the sites described in this article.



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