15 Best Hospitality Brands in the World | 2023

Best Hospitality Brands

Over the past 20 years, opulent five-star (and even six and seven-star) hotels and resorts have mushroomed all over the globe. 

This is an excellent news for discerning tourists, not all brand-new, expensive, and opulent hotels live up to the expectations of a sophisticated and unforgettable experience. 

In our opinion, only a few brands can consistently deliver the unmatched perfection that modern luxury-minded travelers demand. 

With flawless service, fantastic settings (whether a beach, city, or remote wilderness place), top-notch wellness facilities, exceptional food, stunning lodgings, and — last but not least — environmentally sensitive policies, these brands stand out from the competition. 

We now give you access to the world’s Best Travel and Hospitality Brands in the World.

What are the best hospitality Search Engines?

One of the most crucial choices you must make when traveling is where to stay. The ideal hotel or hostel for your vacation should consider location, amenities, and price. Below are the best hospitality search engines;

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 What are the Best Travel and Hospitality Brands in the World?

1. Hilton Resorts

You might have probably already visited a Hilton hotel or, at the very least, know someone who has. One of the most well-known hotel brands in the world, Hilton has more than 550 properties spread over six continents and more than 100 nations. It is one of the Best Hospitality Brands.

There is a good possibility that wherever you travel, whether it is to Mexico, Croatia, or the U.K., you will find a Hilton hotel. 

The renowned hotel chain consistently puts the needs of its guests first, providing first-rate services and even unique benefits for the local community. As a result, it has a large following of devoted guests who enjoy exploring all of its hotels.

Visit Hilton Resorts


Aman hotels are renowned for their breathtaking settings, locally inspired architecture, and unrivaled privacy. Each hotel is meticulously designed to frame its natural surroundings. 

In the midst of some of the most varied natural and historical environments, each welcomes visitors as if they were coming to the home of a close friend, creating a sense of tranquility and belonging. 

Since the first retreat was constructed on Phuket’s west coast in 1988, its strategy has not significantly changed. Aman was born there, and it was given the name Amanpuri, which means “place of calm.” 

Aman, one of the top ultra-luxury hotel companies in the world today with 31 ultra-luxury properties in 20 countries, continues to seek life-changing experiences and breathtaking places throughout the globe.

Visit AMAN

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3. Four Seasons

With more than 100 hotels across five continents and other hotel projects in the works, Four Seasons is arguably the most well-known luxury hotel brand in the world. 

The Canadian-based business has altered the hotel sector for almost 50 years through relentless innovation, astonishing growth, and a single-minded commitment to the highest standards. 

Isadore Sharp, a young architect, launched Four Seasons in 1960. Still, the primary brand breakthrough occurred in the 1970s with the establishment of the Four Seasons London, which pioneered many outstanding Four Seasons services now offered worldwide. This is one of the Best Hospitality Brands.

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4. One & Only Resorts

Solomon Kerzner, a South African accountant and business tycoon founded the renowned One&Only brand in 2002 specifically for the luxury resort market. This is one of the Best Travel and Hospitality Brands.

It now boasts some of the world’s highest-rated resorts in idyllic locations like the Maldives, Mexico, and Cape Town. 

Building on the success of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley in Australia, the award-winning collection continues to develop with the opening of One&Only Nature Resorts, including One&Only Nyungwe House and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest in Rwanda. 

Each resort in the One&Only series offers a distinctive style and ambiance that embraces the surrounding environment and an unmatched dedication to the best experience at every turn.

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5. Rosewood

The Mansion on Turtle Creek, a celebrated, top-notch restaurant and hotel in Dallas, Texas, which opened in 1979 and set the standard for all succeeding Rosewood hotels and resorts, is where the Rosewood tale began. 

Today, Rosewood oversees a distinctive portfolio of opulent, residential-style hotels with a strong sense of individuality around the world, including well-known establishments like 

The Carlyle in New York and Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. Rosewood, run by a group of seasoned business veterans, has won multiple awards for its renowned attention to detail, proactive approach to environmental sustainability, and commitment to relationship hospitality.

Visit Rosewood

6. Belmond

Belmond is a hotel and leisure company that manages an ultraluxe collection of 49 iconic hotels, trains, and river cruises in 24 countries, bringing together some of the most sensational journeys and destinations in the world. 

Until its rebranding in 2014, Belmond was known as Orient Express. With Belmond, you can experience the spirit of adventure at Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat, glide along the rails through the Swiss Alps, soar across the Andes, or discover the mysterious rivers of Myanmar. It is one of the Best Hospitality Brands.

Belmond offers accommodations in classic hotels in Venice, Rio, and St. Petersburg. Everything got started when the business acquired the keys to Venice’s storied Belmond Hotel Cipriani in 1976.

Visit Belmond 

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7. Six senses

Six Senses is an award-winning and distinctive hotel group that offers exceptional guest experiences in remote and exquisite locations, whether in virgin territory or close to a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the best Best Travel and Hospitality Brands.

Six Senses was founded in 1995 by the owners of the Soneva brand (cf. below). All properties are in sync with their local natural or cultural settings, and the brand is known for its distinctive eco-chic design that is real, individual, and sustainable. 

The setting at Six Senses resorts always promotes well-being, and superb anticipatory care and attention to detail are provided. 

Six Senses experiences are always given by a wealth of expertise from various professions, including paragliding professionals, visiting spa practitioners, and famous chefs.

Visit Six Senses

8. Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental has evolved over the past 50 years from a reputable Asian hotel chain to a recognized global brand. 

The group has a long and illustrious history that dates back to 1963, when The Mandarin, the brand’s flagship property, opened its doors in Hong Kong. 

At the time of its opening, the hotel was the highest structure on the island. It quickly established an admirable reputation for superior customer service and was immediately designated a historic landmark, a designation it still retains today. 

The Oriental in Bangkok, which was already recognized as one of the most renowned hotels in the world, was partially acquired by the group in 1974, giving the firm the distinction of having two flagship hotels whose names stood for the pinnacle of hospitality. It is one of the Best Hospitality Brands.

Visit Mandarin Oriental

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9. St Regis

The Marriott Hotel Group manages two ultra-luxury hotel brands, including St Regis (the other one being Ritz-Carlton). The brand established luxury hospitality with the opening of The St. Regis New York property in 1904. 

It was created for discerning travelers who seek the best experiences. Since John Jacob Astor IV opened the doors of his Beaux-Arts masterpiece on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the St. Regis brand has been synonymous with impeccable style and personalized service. 

Since more than a century ago, butler service has been a defining aspect of the St. Regis experience. St. Regis continues to be the only luxury hospitality brand in the world to provide this customized service at every one of its hotels making it one of the Best Travel and Hospitality Brands.

Visit St Regis 

10. Park Hyatt

The Hyatt Hotel Group, based in the United States, manages more than ten distinct brands, with Park Hyatt being its most opulent offering. 

Each of these brands is intended to offer experiences that are tailored to the lifestyles, attitudes, values, and aspirations of the guests for whom it is intended. 

Park Hyatt hotels are a symbol of luxury, offering impeccable service, world-class spas, and cutting-edge guest rooms, all perfectly tailored to those who expect nothing less than the best. 

Park Hyatt hotels are situated in major gateway cities and prime leisure travel destinations worldwide. 

Each Park Hyatt establishment is created to capture the distinct personality of its setting, whether it be the flair of Paris, the exotic enchantment of the Maldives, or the all-American style of Chicago.

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11. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

This hotel chain climbed from No. 5 last year to claim the top rank for 2022 with sites throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Indonesia, in addition to its home base in the Indian subcontinent. 

Travelers have flocked to its opulent new Marrakesh resort, which earned T+L’s 2020 It List, because of what one World’s Best voter called its “wonderful hospitality.” 

Praise for the company’s landmark resorts in India was also motivated by happy recollections and recent travels. 

One reader remarked that the Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, just a short distance from the Taj Mahal, is “perfect for families and honeymoons” and boasts “beautiful locations and good personnel.” It is one of the Best Hospitality Brands.

Visit Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

12. The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

Despite only having nine hotels overall, the Leela brand has effectively controlled the market for the past two years, becoming a must-visit location for every tired visitor looking for the most excellent hotel. 

The most incredible staff is available to fulfill your requests and orders during your stay, and you receive the best services and accommodations available.

Visit Leela Palaces

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13. W Hotels

Although the first hotel opened in 1888, like any other hotel, it quickly established itself as a New York institution before expanding to become a global phenomenon that draws visitors from all over the world who want to stay the night regardless of the cost. It is one oof the Best Travel and Hospitality Brands

You have many of the most abundant rooftop swimming pools, a few of the liveliest nightclubs, and of course, the finest libations money can buy.

Visit W Hotels

14. Auberge Resorts Collection

The degree of services offered by Auberge is unmatched by many other hotels worldwide. They deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences with every fiber of their being for families who desire to have them. 

Make a reservation for a hotel at one of the Auberge Resorts Collection properties if you want to live like modern-day local royalty.

Visit Auberge Resorts

15. Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Back in 1887, when the first Raffles hotel opened its doors, a dream became a reality. 

The Raffles hotels and resorts worldwide have revolutionized the world as we know it ever since that momentous day came to pass, raising the bar too, to put it mildly, an unachievable high. 

You will get closer to feeling like you have experienced what divinity is like each night you stay here, and we promise you won’t forget your nights here. It is one of the Best Travel and Hospitality Brands.

Visit Raffles Hotels

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FAQs on Best Hospitality Brands

Which is the current leading brand in the hospitality industry?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts was the most valuable hotel brand in 2021, with a global brand value of approximately 7.61 billion U.S. dollars. Other major hotel brands in the ranking included Hyatt and Holiday Inn.

Which hotel has 32 brands in the world?

With 32 Marriott brands spread out over 130 countries, it’s no secret that Marriott is the most international hotel brand globally, thanks to its massive portfolio.

Who is the Marriott owned by?

Bill Marriott, John Willard’s son, was CEO for four decades and still serves as Marriott International’s executive chairman.


Even though there may be thousands of travel and hospitality brands available, if you’re seeking the best, you should only focus on the selections offered here. 

Whichever option you go with, you won’t soon forget the evenings you spend at these fantastic resorts and hotels. 

Remember that you will truly feel like royalty as you browse through the dozens of activities you may choose from at any of these incredible businesses, even if your wallet runs dry afterward.



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