20 Best Paying Jobs in Business Services in 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Business Services

It can be exciting and rewarding if you want to make your career in business. A wide variety of industries offer job opportunities, including finance, marketing, education, sales, health care, etc.

These professionals are hired to analyze and improve organizational performance and operations. The best business careers come with job flexibility, career growth, good pay, and a strong occupational outlook. 

The demand for business professionals has expanded because market globalization continues to change due to economic diversification and how people do business. Business management is a broad field with many opportunities for qualified candidates.

This article will teach the best paying jobs in business services and how to scale high in this industry.

Why Choose a Career In Business Services?

Business services is a wide-open field with various options and opportunities to choose from. It allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity. Contracting is also very popular in business circles, so many of these careers could be done from a contracting agreement if you prefer more freedom in your career.

If these qualities qualify you, then a career in business services is what you should consider.

  • You’re a people person: Not all the jobs on this list require working together or sociability, but most of them do. Working with others is important in any job, but most careers in the business sector require it very heavily.
  • Material wealth is a big draw for you: Most careers in business have the potential for a large paycheck. Some of them require high levels of education to get to, such as being a corporate lawyer, but others are attainable with just a bachelor’s or even associate’s degree.
  • Your career is a big focus of your life: Not all business culture is the same, but many people who rise in the business world are very career-focused. Of course, everyone’s career is important to them, but many higher-level business people are expected to put in well over forty hours a week.
  • You enjoy working with like-minded people: Careers in business tend a draw on certain types of people. It’s not absolute, but most of the people you work alongside will likely have similar career goals and outlooks.

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What Are The Different Types Of Business Services Jobs?

There are different types of business services jobs; among them are:

  • Event planner assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Bookkeeper
  • Recruiter

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods Field?

There are a lot of job openings in the business services industry. And each of the job openings is among the best paying jobs in business services.

This industry has enough room to take new entry workers and workers who intend to get into specific positions.

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The Benefits Of A Career In Business Services

Here are some benefits of a career in Business services:

  • Many jobs in the business world require excellent communication skills, which can be applied in many different fields.
  • The industry is rapidly growing, and there are many opportunities for advancement.
  • Career options often offer a good work/life balance.
  • There are many opportunities to freelance and work remotely in this sector.

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20 Best Paying Jobs In Business Services In 2023

Here are the best paying jobs in business services:

1. Bookkeeper

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

Bookkeepers track a company’s or department’s finances. Because of that, being comfortable with math is required. Many bookkeeping jobs only require a two-year associate’s degree in bookkeeping or accounting, but more qualifications don’t hurt. They may even be required if you’re trying to break into a larger company.

2. Recruiter

Average Annual Salary: $54,000

Many businesses, especially ones with very in-demand jobs, will hire someone to acquire talent for them. Recruiters spend most of their time reviewing qualifications and looking for people who fit them.

They’ll reach out to candidates hoping they’re interested in working at their company. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Business Services.

3. Paralegal

Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Businesses that are large or international require a lot of legal advice. Paralegals don’t have the same level of expertise as lawyers, but they’d still be in demand for lower-level legal services. It’s a good place to start a law career, or if you like law but don’t really want to be a lawyer, it’s a compromise.

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4. Administrative Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

The title administrative assistant is, in many ways, a sort of catch-all. Administrative assistants can range from almost being personal assistants to someone who runs a small office to doing secretarial work. Most admin jobs require upkeep of the office and helping with scheduling.

5. Event Planner Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $38,000

Event planning can be a major part of the corporate culture. Not only would this include planning seasonal parties but fundraisers, charitable endeavors, and marketing events. This would more likely be a contract position than a full employee at a company.

6. Copywriter

Average Annual Salary: $59,000

Copywriters are necessary for many aspects of business services. Marketing copy is a major area where copywriters would be in demand, but they’re also relied on for general communications and communications to stockholders, investors, and even employees. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Business Services.

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7. Marketing Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

This is a good way to break into marketing. Both experience and degrees in business or marketing are useful for this job. Creativity, aesthetics, and good communication are very important to be successful in this field.

8. Accounts Payable Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

If you’re interested in the supply chain, being in charge of large-scale buying, or just accounting, this is a good way to start. This job requires a good head for numbers and extreme attention to detail.

Your job would be to take care of the company’s records, resolve discrepancies, and update information in the company database.

9. Accounting Clerk

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

This is the way to begin if you’re looking for a career as an accountant or a CPA. A degree in accounting is likely necessary, as well as extreme attention to detail and knowledge of finances and tax law.

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10. Human Resources Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $35,000

Human resources (HR) is a complex field. It melds together interpersonal skills, the law, communication skills, and corporate policy. HR is in charge of employee misconduct, benefits, and onboarding.

It has its own degree, which is recommended if you know that’s what you want to do, but other related fields could bring you here. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Business Services.

11. Systems Administrator

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Systems administrators are essentially the highest levels of information technology. They oversee the infrastructure of the technology systems in the office.

They do higher-level IT, upgrading the system and ensuring it’s the best fit for the company. They’re also responsible for updating the system and ensuring the hardware is up-to-date.

12. Controller

Average Annual Salary: $101,000

Controllers are in charge of budgeting. They put together the company year’s budget and ensure that all departments stay within it. Accounting skills are necessary for this job, as well as a reputation for integrity.

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13. Product Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $121,000

A product marketing manager’s job is to develop a marketing campaign that suits the company’s product. They run a large part of the marketing organization and, therefore, must have strong leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of marketing practices and the audience they’re trying to reach.

14. Business Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

A business will hire a business analyst to ensure the business is on the right track to sustainability and growth. They need to have a strong understanding of business practices and be able to create and interpret data.

15. General Counsel

Average Annual Salary: $122,000

This is another way of saying an in-house lawyer. A person in this position has to have a degree in business law. They’re responsible for advising the business on the law and dealing with any legal issues the business may have.

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16. Certified Public Accountant

Average Annual Salary: N/AA Certified Public Accountant (CPA) must have a degree in accounting and acquire the requisite license. They help businesses and individuals with finances, taxation, and meeting their financial goals.

17. Quantitative Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

Sometimes shortened to “quant,” people in this profession analyze risk. They help develop strategies and work with banks to value their securities. Some even help to enhance computer software in related fields. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Business Services.

18. Manager of Corporate Communications

Average Annual Salary: $137,000

This job title is extremely descriptive. A person in this position is in charge of all communications via the company and ensuring they run smoothly and are consistent with its values and media strategy. They’re also involved in public relations and, potentially, social media.

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19. National Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary: $102,000

National sales managers coordinate the sales nationally. They’re responsible for ensuring clients are properly dealt with and keeping the sales team up to date on new products and new sales and marketing strategies.

20. Supply Chain Manager

Average Annual Salary: $108,000

Supply chains are extremely important to most companies. Someone in this role makes sure that supply chains stay uninterrupted and that they’re getting the right materials from the right companies. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Business Services.

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How To Get A Job In Business Services

1. Have the required educational qualification

Most business service careers in a niche field, such as law and medicine, require getting a bachelor’s degree. However, diplomas can also provide sufficient qualifications to enable you to start a career in some business service sectors. 

Acquiring a postgraduate study is not necessary when starting a career in business services, but it can give you added advantage. Once you have gotten an entry-level business service job, You can build relevant skills through work experience and volunteering. 

2. Up your professional skills

When you want to apply for a business service job for the first time, ensure that you understand what skills the employer is looking for and make efforts to ensure that you possess some or all of the skills. A number of employers search for employees who have management and leadership skills.

You can acquire these skills by taking crash courses, attending seminars and events, or volunteering in a company. 

3. Improve your communication and people skills

As a service provider, you are likely to constantly communicate with people, companies, and brands. Improving your communication and people skills will help you create a good impression on employees and customers alike. 

4. Start finding opportunities

After you must have prepared yourself by getting a degree and improving your professional and interpersonal skills, you need to start looking for opportunities to acquire a job. 

You can do this by first applying for jobs on websites or the career section of company websites. Networking and joining professional organizations can also provide opportunities that could help you launch a great business career. 

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Skills Required For A Job In Business Services

  • Financial management
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Project management and planning
  • Delegation and time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Networking

How Much Do Business Services Pay?

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, Salary ranges for business services workers vary widely depending on the job function. For example, an engineering or corporate management employee will earn an average annual salary of $101,546. In contrast, a retail or facilities employee will earn an average annual salary of $36,412.

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FAQs On Best Paying Jobs In Business Services

What business job pays the most?

1. Bookkeeper
2. Copywriter
3. Event planner
4. Administrative assistant
5. Controller

What is the best business degree to make the most money?

Marketing degree. it is one of the highest-paying business degrees.

How do I choose a business career?

1. Examine yourself
2. Reflect on your motivations
3. Think about your long-term goals
4. Take different self-assessment tests
5. Explore sectors
6. Explore industries
7. Seek out professional resources
8. Explore career options on your list

Are business degrees easy?

In general, a business degree is not hard. However, your course load may be heavy, and some courses will be harder for some than others.


Business services is a wide-open field with various options and opportunities to choose from. It allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity.

We have successfully discussed the best paying jobs in business services. You can choose from any of our picks and start your new career.


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