20 Best Paying Jobs in Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service | 2023

Best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service

The investment banking sector has many good jobs and lots of prospects in it. It is a prevalent industry, especially for fresh graduates. So, if you want to know the best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service, continue reading this article.

An investment banker is an individual who provides capital market advice to corporations and governments that wish to invest. They advise clients, manage their investments, do financial research and purchase and sell for them daily.

Although working in this industry can be pretty stressful, but it is worth it. The knowledge, the high salary and many other good benefits are the sweet perks of this career.

This article will teach you the best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service and how to scale high in the industry.

Why Choose a Career in Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service?

Investment bankers offer many career opportunities for individuals who are considering their options. 

Here are some reasons you should choose this industry:

High earning potential

The financial industry is a lucrative career option. The average annual salary for investment bankers in the United States is $66,493.

Successful investment bankers can make substantial commissions and earn high base salaries. Investment banking can be a promising career option for professionals who can prioritize their earning potential when choosing a career path.

Valuable benefits packages

Your benefits package is another area that can appeal to this profession. Investment bankers are often rewarded with generous benefits packages, just like salaries. 

This career is attractive because of the potential for bonus and commission opportunities, stock options, and insurance coverage.

Working alongside driven peers

Many people want to succeed in investment banking. Your peers will likely work as hard as you. This job requires intelligence and analytical skills. 

To remain competitive, clients and colleagues may also need to perform at high levels. Working with other driven people may help challenge you to continue learning and provide capable co-workers when you need help.

Powerful networking

Analysts and investment bankers frequently interact with high-ranking officials of their organizations. This allows one to build professional and personal relationships with high-ranking officials. 

This can be a great networking opportunity that will benefit your career. Your network members may be able to help you find new jobs or refer you when you apply for a job you’ve already held or are seeking a promotion.

Continued development

Investment banking is constantly evolving. The markets investment bankers examine when they do their job are changing and the industries in which they work. 

While the information and skills you have acquired early in your career are still important, you might need to learn new ones to keep up with changes in the field. 

You can continue to develop your skills and knowledge to keep up with the changes in the business world.

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Best Paying Jobs in Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service

The following are carefully selected best paying jobs in Bankers/Brokers/Service:

1. Options Trader

Salary range: $50,000-$228,500 per year

Options traders buy and sell stock options. You work in a large private investment bank or hedge fund and manage complex capital investments on behalf of clients. 

You will create options contracts and forecasting models that determine the best price to purchase an option to maximize profit and minimize risk. Your client’s financial position is outlined in reports and models. 

This will help increase their portfolio value. Options traders often gain work experience at large commercial banks or investment banks. They also have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s in math or economics.

2. Natural Gas Trader

Salary Range: $60,000-150,000/year

Natural gas traders trade natural gas products on different stock and commodity exchanges. You can work as an independent commodities broker or in a financial institution trading natural-gas stocks, futures, and funds. 

You will meet with clients to discuss financial goals and determine the best way to invest in natural gas stocks traded on the NYSE/NASDAQ. 

Natural gas traders also work for energy companies and monitor the movements of various commodities such as oil, natural gas, and other items. To measure the profits and losses of your clients, you watch the natural gas prices. This is one of the high paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service.

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3. Investment Officer

Salary Range: $68,500-$136,000 per year

Officers identify potential business opportunities and make investments that benefit the organization’s financial interests. Your responsibilities as an investment officer include overseeing portfolio projects, managing financial transactions, and developing client relationships. 

A Master of Business Administration (MBA), several years of financial industry experience, and business development skills are required to be an investment officer. 

In the current job market, you can find investment officer positions in large financial institutions, government agencies, and financial consulting firms.

4. Investment Counselor

Salary range: $58,500-1,115,000/year

Your role as an investment advisor is to recommend investments in stocks, bonds and funds for clients. These recommendations are made taking into account clients’ financial plans as well as their risk tolerance. 

Clients may be offered wealth management options, and you can help them create and implement an investment plan. Researching the best solutions for client’s needs is a significant part of what you do. 

Clients may be connected with brokers or specialized in one type or another of the company’s investment products.

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5. Investment Executive

Salary range: $53,000-$110,000 per year

The average salary for Investment Executives in the United States is between $53,000 (25th%) and $110,000 (7th%) annually. 

There are many opportunities to increase your salary and get promoted depending on your skill level, experience and location. There is a lot of activity in the Investment Executive market in America. Many companies are looking for candidates. This is one of the best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service.

6. Equity Trade

Salary range: $60,000-$107,000 per year

An equity trader is responsible for conducting research and analysis to determine when to purchase or sell shares of a company’s stock on an equities exchange. You may also trade options, futures, exchange-traded funds and other derivatives.

 Equity traders look at charts and analyze data to ensure the trade meets employer and government regulations. An equities trader may work for an investment bank or private equity firm. Some traders work alone. Trading responsibilities may be limited to a specific industry or type.

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7. Proprietary Trader

Salary range: $44,000-$105,000 per year

A proprietary trader uses capital from a financial company to make a direct profit. Traders use stock market trends to determine how to trade money to maximize their initial investment. 

To increase their profit margins, traders keep a portion of the profit for banks or firms. Arbitrage is a technique that some proprietary traders use to determine the price of a stock or commodity in different markets. 

To make a profit, the trader uses the price difference to buy the lowest-demand stock or commodity and then sell it in the higher demand.

8. Commodity Trader

Salary range: $52,000-$103,500 per year

A commodity trader buys and sells commodities for a bank or firm. You will be responsible for:

  • Researching current stock market trends.
  • Advising clients about investments.
  • Staying current with industry news.

Before performing any deals online or in person, most commodity traders get instructions from their clients. It is essential to monitor the prices of commodities as you deal with clients’ money. 

Many commodity traders also double as financial advisers for clients and review their investment portfolios in person.

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9. International Trade Analyst

Salary range: $41,500-$100,000 per year

International trade analysts identify and analyze information related to trade and economic issues. Your responsibilities as a global trade analyst include extensive qualitative and quantitative research regarding potential investment projects, markets and initiatives. 

You also have to suggest solutions for any problems you discover. You also have to plan and conduct studies to identify new trends. 

Trade analysts will also need your assistance in preparing technical reports about investment opportunities. This is one of the high paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service.

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10. Trade Analyst

Salary range: $50,500-$87,000 per year

Trade analysts study the stock exchange floor from a distance and make decisions about what transactions to do in real-time based on financial reports and market data. 

This career requires you to look at numerous sources such as tariff schedules, industry reports, government regulations, and other information. 

Then, you use that knowledge to decide which stocks to buy and sell. You must be resourceful, quick to think and retain lots of information to become a trade analyst.

11. Bond Analyst

Salary range: $37,000-$86,000 per year

Bond analysts research their clients’ fixed assets, such as corporate and municipal bonds. This career includes reviewing financial statements, making judgments, and analyzing these financial instruments for financial advisors, hedge funds, portfolio managers, financial advisers and other financial investment professionals. 

You may also be asked to review bonds and give analysis to individual investors. You can specialize in one type of bond analysis or focus on investment bonds.

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12. Investment Associate

Salary range: $46,000-$85,500 per year

An investment associate is responsible for assisting investment analysts in performing various tasks necessary to manage the investments of municipalities and corporations. 

Your responsibilities as an investment associate include reviewing financial data of companies and potential investments to determine the best strategy to increase profits. 

Clients may need you to help them buy stock, conduct a risk analysis, review their portfolios, interpret financial data, and aid with corporate mergers. Your responsibilities will vary depending on which account you are working with.

13. Trading Specialist

Salary Range: $48,500-$82,000/year

Trading specialists manage a company’s stock portfolio and handle transactions involving its assets. You monitor stock market trends and provide recommendations for potential opportunities. 

You are responsible for reviewing financial statements and writing reports about the financial health of your employer and competitors. 

This can be stressful work that requires quick judgments due to volatile market conditions. You are responsible for significant amounts of this work. 

Sometimes, you may need to travel. This is one of the best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service.

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14. Trading Analyst

Salary range: $54,000-$74,000 per year

An analyst in trading acts as a broker between buyers and sellers, executing sales in the financial sector. Other duties include researching the market and advising traders. With a set goal, they trade, buy, and sell for clients. 

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics, finance or another related field is required for this career. Many states require that trading analysts are licensed and certified for specific commodities or securities they purchase and sell. 

Other qualifications include the ability to communicate and think quickly.

15. International Trade Specialist

Salary range: $44,500-$70,000 per year

As an international trade specialist, your primary task is to monitor and analyze the global market. Your organization’s international trade advisors advise you on imports, exports, and financial transactions with foreign banks.

 Your most important responsibility is to ensure that your organization complies with all applicable federal and international laws. It is essential to keep up with international news and developments. 

These changes can significantly impact international statutes and business requirements. While you mainly work in an office, traveling internationally and collaborating with others is possible.

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16. Energy Trader

Salary range: $44,000-$68,000 per year

A trader in energy commodities acts as a broker between buyers or sellers on an exchange. You trade futures as an energy trader. This is a contract to buy some assets in the future. 

The asset you contract for energy traders is usually some amount of natural gas, oil, and liquid gas. Your responsibilities are similar to a stockbroker.

  • Tracking commodity price movements.
  • Forecasting market trends and changes.
  • Make informed decisions about which sales or purchases will bring you the most significant profit.

Commodity traders earn the majority of their income from commissions. It is, therefore, vital to keep up with research in this area.

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17. Investment Representative

Salary range: $42,000-$63,000 per year

An investment representative works in banks, credit unions, and investment firms. They provide advice to clients on financial products and services.

They help clients manage their money and promote the company’s products and services.

18. Trading Assistant

Salary range: $42,000-$60,000 per year

An apprentice is a trading assistant. They work closely with a trader to help them sell financial products to their clients. Trader assistants can also help with errands such as ordering lunch or coffee. 

A trading assistant typically works for a trader for two years to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a full-time trader. The assistant must pass the Series 7 or Series 63 exams to become a licensed trader full-time.

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19. Stock Trader

Salary range: $28,500-$49,000 per year

A stock trader is also known as a stockbroker or securities trader. They research stocks and then buy or sell on behalf of clients. They also trade stocks. 

The job of a stock trader is to help clients make sound investment decisions and navigate the complexities involved in investing in stock markets.

20. Trades Helper

Salary Range: $25,500-$37,000 per year

Candidates must be able to work independently and simultaneously with little instruction in this role.

Hours may vary depending upon the market, but you can expect to see the following job duties in a Trades Helper job description:

  • Make sure practices adhere to internal guidelines and external regulations
  • Find innovative ways to improve the process
  • Offer detailed information and advice for clients and customers
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting regarding contracts, investments, and sales
  • Responding to clients’ queries and concerns
  • Identify and implement a mitigation strategy

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How To Get A Job In Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service

You will generally need a bachelor’s degree or higher in finance to get a job in this field. However, there are many opportunities to improve and grow your skills while on the job. These steps are the most common path that investment bankers follow:

1. Acquire a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field

First, get a bachelor’s from an accredited college. Then, focus on a finance degree. 

For potential investment bankers, many fields of study can be helpful, including accounting, maths, statistics, corporate finance and business administration.

Regardless of your major, investment banking requires strong math and analytical skills. You also need to have a solid understanding of economics and its impact on corporate finance. Internships can be a great way to gain practical experience and increase your network in the financial industry.

2. Consider a graduate degree or MBA

Investment bankers often complete a master’s degree in business administration or corporate finance. Although you can work as an analyst in an investment bank, employers prefer associate bankers or others working in mid-level positions to have graduate degrees.

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3. Register with FINRA and obtain certification

You will need to register with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to begin your career as an investment banker. You will need to pass an exam specific to your area of expertise to be eligible for registration. 

Optional certifications, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA), are also available.

4. Take part in on-the-job training

An entry-level job will usually require you to start as an analyst and then complete an employer-sponsored training program before you can begin your job. 

This training will vary depending on the financial institution. It may include the principles of accounting and markets, risk, financial analysis, statements analysis, and financial modeling.

You should also learn negotiation, presentation, and communication skills through the training you receive on the job.

Many employers offer continuing education to entry-level investment bankers to support their career progression.

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What Skills are Required to be an Investment Banker?

Investment banking is a highly competitive and demanding profession. It requires a lot of skill sets such as:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Economics

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What Qualification/Certifications are Required for a Career in investment bankers/brokers/service?


  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Business Administration


  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


  • Internship

How Much Do investment bankers/brokers/service Jobs Pay?

Investment Bankers’ salaries in the US range from $140,000 to $210,000, with a median salary of $175,000. The middle 67% of Investment Bankers make $175,000, with the top 67% earning $210,000.

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FAQs on Best Paying Jobs in Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service

Which company pays the highest salary to investment bankers?

Investment banks pay the most to their employees, including ICICI Security, HDFC Bank, Goldman Sachs, Axis Bank and Morgan Stanley.

What is the highest position in banking?

Managing Director and CEO

What are the big 4 investment banks?

JPMorgan Chase
Goldman Sachs
BofA Securities
Morgan Stanley.

Is investment banking difficult?

It can be pretty hard to become an investment banker because of the stressful and demanding nature of the profession. 

What does Goldman Sachs look for?

Goldman Sachs is looking for diverse candidates with exciting backgrounds who can bring something different. 


The investment banking sector has many good jobs and lots of opportunities in it. It is a prevalent industry, especially for fresh graduates.

The best paying jobs in investment bankers/brokers/service needs at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field to scale higher. With this degree, you can get high paying jobs in the investment banking sector.



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