20 Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals | 2023

Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

One of the highest-paid industries in America is the major chemicals industries. They produce the majority of chemicals used by companies. We will discuss in this article the Best-paying jobs in major chemicals.

Major Chemicals consist of chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. There are many careers and jobs available in this industry. So, you can choose the one that befits you.

This article will help you find major chemical jobs. Everything you need to know about best paying jobs in this industry; duties, salary, and qualifications are covered in this article.

Why Choose a Career In Major Chemicals?

There are many reasons you should choose major chemicals as a career. The salary of major chemical workers in the United States is impressive, and the pay scale is a significant attraction.

Also, many careers and jobs are available in this major chemical industry. So, you can choose the one that befits you.

Additionally, in this industry, you can switch careers. Some workers may desire a change in positions; this is possible in the major chemical industry.

Furthermore, chemical industry professionals are mainly intellectually stimulated because of the nature of their job.

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20 Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

There are different jobs available in major chemicals, and they are very lucrative, and the pay is reputable. We have analyzed the best paying natural gas distribution jobs in descending order.

The following are best paying jobs in major chemicals:

1. Pharmacologist

Average annual salary: $122,332

Pharmacology is one of the most lucrative jobs in major chemical industries. Pharmacologists research and test medications and chemical compounds.

You will learn how drugs are broken down and absorbed into the body.

This is why you need to get a degree in either pharmacology or another related field. However, some jobs may require a post-graduate qualification.

2. Chemical Process Engineer

Average annual salary: $89,070

Process engineers design and implement systems used in manufacturing. You help transform raw materials into valuable products.

To be eligible for this position, you must have a bachelor’s in engineering. You must also pass the Fundamentals in Engineering (FE) exam. You must also have at least four years of experience in engineering.

3. Material Scientist

Average annual salary: $88,644 

Material scientists analyze and study different materials’ chemical structures and properties. You will analyze materials such as metals, rubber, rubber, ceramics and polymers.

You can find work in any industry as a material scientist. Because there is always a demand for materials.

You could work in the power, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors. You can get a BS degree or a similar field in chemistry to be an entry-level material scientist. This is one of the high paying jobs in major chemicals.

4. Polymer Chemist

Average annual salary: $87,750

A polymer chemist studies molecular and atomic materials to understand how they form and bond. Scientists can manipulate polymers (long strings of molecules) to make products like nylon clothing, pharmaceuticals and Teflon-coated saucepans.

This career involves creating new materials and researching and improving existing products. To find the right solution, you may conduct several tests in a laboratory using various methods.

There are many opportunities to work in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and energy industries. A Ph.D. in Chemistry and practical training on the job are required to be a polymer chemist. This is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

5. Chemical Engineer

Average annual salary: $85,200

Chemical engineers design chemical manufacturing processes. This job typically requires a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

You will solve problems related to drug and chemical production and use. You might also deal with fuel and food issues. This is one of the high paying major chemicals jobs.

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6. Organic chemist

Average annual salary: $82,180

Organic chemists are one of the most highly paid jobs in chemistry. The role of an organic chemist is to study the structure and properties of molecules and their reactions.

You’ll also be able to design and create organic substances with unique properties and applications.

These designed compounds can be used to create many commercial products, such as plastics and pharmaceutical drugs. You will need a degree in organic or chemistry to be an organic chemist.

7. Toxicologist

Average annual salary: $81,328

Toxicologists work with chemicals. They determine whether chemicals are dangerous to human health or the health of other living organisms. A degree in toxicology, biology or biochemistry is required. This is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

8. Chemistry Teacher

Average annual salary: $78,764

Chemistry teachers are trained instructors who teach students the chemical properties and processes involved in substances. Your duties include creating lesson plans and preparing and delivering lectures. You will also supervise students’ laboratory activities.

You will teach students about compounds, elements and atoms. High school chemistry teachers should hold a degree in Chemistry and a teacher education program.

You will need to be licensed or certified as a teacher in your state. Chemistry teachers enjoy the great pay and the opportunity to take vacations.

9. Geochemist

Average annual salary: $70,818

Geochemists use physical and inorganic chemical chemistry to study the distribution and quantity of chemical elements within rocks and minerals. You will therefore analyze soil, rock and other natural materials samples.

An entry-level job will be available for those with a bachelor’s degree, whether in chemistry, oceanography, math, physics or chemistry.

10. Chemical Operations Specialist

Average annual salary: $70,365

A chemical operations specialist is responsible for dangerous and potentially toxic chemical substances. The National Guard and other military services may employ a chemical operations specialist.

They are responsible for decontaminating an area and testing liquid, gaseous or solid materials for chemical toxicities and other potential hazards. They are also accountable for scooping and dumping materials to remove them.

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11. Formulation Chemist

Average annual salary: $69626

A formulation chemist is responsible for developing and testing household products such as cleaners and soaps.

Mixing different compounds or agents and performing UV tests to assess product safety and suitability for use are some of your responsibilities. Other industries employ formulation chemists, such as the oil-and-gas industry, where they test for car fuel octane levels.

12. Synthetic Chemist

Average annual salary: $68,155

Synthetic chemists create chemicals for industrial, manufacturing, or retail purposes. You can work in different fields. There are many job opportunities for synthetic chemists in food science, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products.

A bachelor’s degree in any branch of chemistry is the minimum requirement to become a synthetic chemist.

Excellent research skills and math knowledge are essential. To succeed as synthetic chemicals, you must be a problem solver.

13. Quality Control Analyst

Average annual salary: $66,220

A quality control analyst is required by almost every manufacturing company. A quality control analyst is responsible for ensuring that products and materials manufactured by a company meet all requirements.

You are responsible for testing finished goods and materials to ensure they conform to production standards. Items that do not meet the criteria must be rejected.

A quality control analyst plays a significant role in starting a career in major chemical companies. You’ll be performing a wide range of tasks; this will allow you to gain a wide range of skills and experience that can be used in future jobs. This is one of the high paying major chemical jobs.

14. Forensic Scientists

Average annual salary: $62,352

Forensic scientists are responsible for collecting, preserving and analyzing scientific evidence in criminal investigations.

You will be required to provide evidence in court to support the prosecution, and may need to travel for this job and collect the evidence yourself.

Also, you might be required to perform laboratory duties in some instances. However, the primary role of a laboratory technician is to analyze objects that others have brought in.

This is one of the best paying jobs in major chemicals.

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15. Analytical Chemist

Average annual salary: $61,336 

Analytical chemists prepare and analyze samples from different sources. They may be asked to give information about the compounds and quantities of compounds within a material.

A bachelor’s degree would get you an entry-level job as an Analytical Chemist. To increase your earning potential, you may need to pursue higher degrees.

16. Quality Assurance Auditor

Average annual salary: $60,283

An auditor who monitors a company’s production process to ensure they adhere to regulations is called a Quality Assurance Auditor. They make the best decisions regarding the quality of products, materials, or equipment.

A bachelor’s degree would be required in finance, business, or another related field. You should also have experience in quality control standards. The salary places you in the top 5% of all chemistry jobs.

17. Cosmetic Chemist

Average annual salary: $59,707

A cosmetic chemist is someone who develops and researches cosmetics. This includes skincare, toothpaste, dyes, soaps, and other makeup products. They may be responsible for researching materials, testing and developing new compounds and writing technical reports.

Its mission is to improve and understand the chemical composition of products.

18. Water Quality Scientist

Average annual salary: $55,341

Water quality scientists test and analyze water quality to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

You will analyze and test water samples to meet regulatory standards, investigate shortfalls and take action to fix them.

19. Chemical Technician

Average annual salary: $53,680

Chemical technicians are workers who use laboratory instruments and techniques to analyze the properties or materials.

Other functions will be performed to support chemical research, testing, and analysis. You might be responsible for monitoring water quality and environmental air quality.

20. Chemistry Teaching Assistant

Average annual salary: $37000

The teaching assistant supports the professor. They assist students with their homework, test preparation, and other academic tasks.

Also, they assist in many other classes, including organic and analytical chemistry. Teaching assistants can also help first-year mathematics and physics classes.

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How To Get A Job In Major Chemicals

Preparation is key to securing the highest-paying jobs in major chemical industries. A minimum of four years is required to hold a job in major chemicals.

To work as a chemical engineer, for instance, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. This is true for almost all jobs in major chemicals.

Some specialties require additional certifications in addition to a degree. For example, a quality control analyst would need professional certificates and a bachelor’s degree.

Internships are also essential to shaping one’s career within any industry, and Major chemicals are no exception. Internships are a great way to gain work experience and increase marketability when searching for a job.

What are the Skills Required To Get Major Chemicals Jobs?

Skills play a tremendous role in helping you to have a successful career. Without these skills, your chances of excelling in a career path will not be impossible.

The following skills are relevant in the major chemicals industry:

  • Information technology
  • Digital Technology Skills
  • Interaction and Business Processes Skills
  • Research skills
  • Material Technologies
  • Analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Data collection

What If I Don’t Have a Degree?

To get the best paying jobs in major chemicals, you would need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, a master’s degree or higher. This would help you get better jobs in this industry.

Also, there are some certifications you can get from societies in the major chemicals field. These certificates will also help boost your chances of getting a job.

How Much Do Major Chemical Jobs Pay?

Professionals in this industry earn a reputable income. The salary for those in the major chemicals industry largely depends on the field or job position.

For instance, while a pharmacist earns an average salary of $143,925, a process engineer makes an average salary of $78,500.

FAQs On Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

What is the highest-paying chemical job?

Hazardous Material Management Chemist.
Chemistry Engineers.
Analytical Chemists.
Organic Chemists.
Materials Scientists.
Research Scientists.

What is the highest degree in chemistry?

Doctoral Degree in Chemistry

Are chemists in high demand?

Overall employment of chemists and materials scientists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

How much are chemical engineers paid in USA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for chemical engineers is $108,540.


Major chemicals offer some of the best-paying jobs in the United States. The options are many, from a yearly pay of $53,689 for a Chemical Technician to $122,332 for a Pharmacologist.

You can find the best paying jobs in major chemicals in universities, research and teaching. Similarly, you can work in pharmaceutical companies to develop and track new drugs.



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