20 Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution | 2023

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

The natural gas industry has many professionals and offers a variety of job opportunities. There are also many best paying jobs in natural gas distribution; these jobs will help you scale high and pay you well.

Working in this field can be a good career path because of the top-paying jobs offered and the experience you get. Natural gas distribution is a growing industry with an excellent outlook for the future.

If you’re interested in working in the natural gas distribution field, continue reading this article. It has all information about the high-paying jobs in this industry.

What is Natural Gas Distribution?

Natural Gas Distribution refers to the distribution pipelines and equipment at metering-regulating stations that a Local Distribution Company operates within a single state.

The process is governed as an independent operating firm by a public utility commission or a separate municipal distribution system.

Why Choose a Career in Natural Gas Distribution?

The pay in this Natural gas industry is high, and the jobs are reliable. According to the Bureau of Labour, over 90,000 people were employed in the natural gas distribution industry in 2019.

Jobs in the natural gas distribution industry are spread widely across various positions, from entry-level to management-level roles. In recent years, these jobs are expected to grow.

Also, the distribution of natural gas is a labor-intensive business. The sector has controlled each worker’s working hours to allow time for family and friends.

Additionally, the natural gas distribution industry offers her worker career growth possibilities. Workers with higher diploma certificates are usually allowed to work their way to the top.

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20 Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

There are different jobs available in natural gas distribution, and they are very lucrative, and the pay is reputable. We have analyzed the best paying natural gas distribution jobs in descending order.

Here are the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution:

1. Chief Executives

Average annual salary: $106,687

Chief executives are among the most highly paid employees in the natural-gas distribution industry. You are responsible for all aspects of the company, including financial performance and product development.

Chief executives oversee many employees, including project managers and accountants.

2. Financial Managers

Average annual salary: $103,067

Many numbers are the responsibility of financial managers. They are responsible for budgeting and financial planning as well as financial reporting and analysis. They oversee the financial planning of all employees.

Financial managers assist organizations in ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively to reach their goals. Financial managers also assist in raising capital via investment banking services. 

They maintain relationships with investors and other parties involved in raising funds (for example, bonds or stocks).

3. Construction manager

Average annual salary: $77,238

Construction managers oversee the construction sites and ensure their teams are organized. They are responsible for delegating work and creating work schedules.

Construction managers are experts in construction techniques and can help workers learn how to use heavy machinery and equipment for their projects.

They use drill equipment and other tools to construct the pipelines for the natural gas industry. This is one of the most lucrative positions in the natural gas distribution sector.

4. Health officer

Average annual salary: $76,036

Environmental health officers follow the safety and health codes. They inspect workplaces and safety areas to ensure workers are safe.

The federal and local building codes are well-known to environmental health officials who can determine whether a building is safe for people to live in.

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5. Project engineer

Average annual salary: $75,818 

Engineers are responsible for managing the technical and engineering aspects of the development process. They determine the required materials, research the site and devise efficient solutions.

Most project engineers prefer to work on-site rather than in an office to communicate with their colleagues better.

Gas sector project engineers examine natural gas fields to determine the best locations for drilling and equipment to use.

This is one of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

6. Project manager

Average annual salary: $73,922 

Project managers manage every aspect of a project from beginning to finish. Natural gas distribution project managers plan the logistics of natural gas distribution with pipeline distribution teams and utilities.

They communicate with clients frequently and give information about the progress of their project from start to finish. This is one of the most rewarding jobs in natural gas distribution.

You will be able to gain a competitive edge in the market by obtaining a certification in project management.

7. General and Operations Managers

Average annual salary: $73027

The natural gas distribution manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a natural gas distribution company. They are responsible for hiring, firing, and training employees, creating a budget and marketing strategies; and ensuring profitability.

Being a natural gas distribution manager is a job that doesn’t require an advanced degree. This position can be obtained by completing only two years of postsecondary education, whether it is at an accredited university or community college.

This will allow you to be more focused on your job and less time trying to manage school and work.

8. Distribution manager

Average annual salary: $70,741

Distribution managers supervise employees in distribution centers. They inspect and repair products before they leave their facility to ensure high quality.

Natural gas sector distribution managers work closely with construction teams to provide the materials needed to build pipelines and deliver gas to customers.

They build relationships with vendors to find materials at reasonable prices.

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9. Geologist

Average annual salary: $68129

Geologists are scientists who study the structure, composition and other physical aspects of the Earth. Geologists study minerals, rocks, and soil to discover the best resources.

Petroleum geologists are responsible for finding oil and natural gas deposits below the Earth’s surface. These geologists use computer models and seismic data to predict the location of these potential sources.

A bachelor’s degree in geological science is required if you wish to be a geologist. This is one of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

10. Sales Managers

Average annual salary:  $64,462

The highest-paid sales managers in natural gas distribution are the sales managers. They oversee their sales team, analyze the market, and recommend new products.

They have the following job responsibilities:

  • Motivating and supervising the sales team.
  • Ensuring all employees are familiar with the company’s products and offerings.
  • Helping customers and training them.

This is one of the high paying natural gas distribution jobs.

11. Operations Manager

Average annual salary: $63,595

Operations managers manage the various teams that are involved in the creation of a service or product. They ensure they can meet their development goals in terms of deadline and budget.

The operations managers in the natural-gas sector interact directly with the pipeline’s construction team to ensure they have the necessary equipment and supplies. 

They also collaborate with local officials to determine the best route to take for the channel. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

12. Transportation manager

Average annual salary: $63,449 

Transport managers oversee a group that includes professionals in transportation to ensure that items and materials are moved as efficiently as possible. This includes drivers and operators.

Transport managers working in the natural gas sector work with their construction teams to acquire the materials they need for building pipelines. Transport managers are also responsible for transporting personnel to and from their job site.

13. Designer

Average annual salary: $62,419 

Designers can be found in many fields. They are responsible for developing innovative solutions and strategies. Natural gas sector designers work closely with drilling and construction teams to build delivery and timelines.

They might be developing pipeline systems to transport natural gas from its source to its destination. Designers can help by looking at production and suggesting ways to improve efficiency. This is one of the high paying natural distribution jobs.

14. Project accountant

Average annual salary: $61,016 

Project accountants are finance professionals who manage a project’s finances, budget and schedule. They work with engineers and project managers to ensure that each project stage is completed on time and within budget.

To eliminate discrepancies in the account, project accountants may occasionally perform audits. Project accountants manage the finances of natural gas pipelines.

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15. Construction Supervisor

Average annual salary: $60,000 

Construction supervisors supervise construction sites. They work closely with workers to meet their client’s specifications.

Construction supervisors work closely with architects and engineers to ensure code compliance and avoid errors.

They work in the gas sector at gas harvesting stations. They help design and implement efficient and fast systems for collecting them. This is one of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

16. Distribution supervisor

Average annual salary: $58,771

As supervisors of distribution centers, warehouse and distribution center professionals are also responsible. They coordinate logistics with utilities and construction companies to ensure equipment used in natural gas sectors is transported to the correct location at the appropriate time.

Distribution center directors work closely with their teams to ensure products reach their facilities and are delivered to the right people. This is one of the high paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

17. Drilling Contractor

Average annual salary: $54,833

Drilling contractors are contractors who specialize in operating drills. Because they are independent contractors and not employees of enormous construction firms, drilling contractors are often responsible for the maintenance and supply of their equipment.

Natural gas distribution drilling contractors drill into the ground to find natural gas pockets. Their equipment may be used for the distribution of natural gas.

18. Distribution expert

Average annual salary: $54,710

Transport specialists are required to transport goods. They use machines to load and unload trucks and communicate with suppliers.

Natural gas sector distribution specialists work closely with construction teams to locate the right equipment and materials to complete a job.

They can transport equipment to a facility for gas harvesting. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in natural gas distribution.

19. Gas technician

Average annual salary: $53,682 

Gas technicians are one of the highest-paying natural gas distribution jobs. Natural gas technicians work with natural gas pipes, faucets and appliances.

They repair and install industrial and domestic machinery. They may also be responsible for ensuring that natural gas extraction facilities are correctly connected to pipelines.

20. Driller

Average annual salary: $50,862 

Drillers use large drilling machines. They also work in construction. Safety is their job, so they must be well-informed and adhere to safety precautions.

Natural gas industry drills link pipelines to underground natural gas pockets. Drilling is an essential part of energy use. It is also one of the most lucrative jobs in natural gas distribution.

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How To Get A Job In Natural Gas Distribution

To get a natural gas distribution job, you must do a lot of research and position yourself well. Due to the sheer scale of the industry, there are multiple disciplines to choose from. Be sure to thoroughly research the available roles that fit your interests and qualifications.

Many companies organize networking events, which are an excellent way for students and graduates to meet with professionals in the field, and establish valuable contacts with which to move forward.

What Are Skills Required For A Career In Natural Gas Distribution?

Here are the skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Information technology (IT) skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Multitasking
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Flexibility

What If I Don’t Have a Degree?

You will need training or a technical degree to scale higher in the natural gas distribution industry. Also, knowledge of safety procedures is required because it is an essential aspect of the industry.

Some colleges offer certificates in natural gas distribution, gas metering, and other specialized degrees.

If you don’t have a degree, you can look for training related to jobs in this field; internships can work too.

How Much Do Natural Gas Distribution Jobs Pay?

According to BLS, the average annual pay for a Natural Gas Distribution in the United States is $96,441; there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased revenue based on skill level, location, and years of experience.

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FAQs On Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

Is working in natural gas distribution worth it?

The pay in this Natural gas industry is high, and the jobs are reliable.

Who is the largest natural gas company in the US?

Exxon Mobil
Exxon Mobil produces almost 50 percent more natural gas than its closest rival, Chesapeake Energy.

How much money can you make from a natural gas well?

The average annual pay for a Natural Gas Distribution in the United States is $96,441.

What state produces the most natural gas?

The top five natural gas-producing states and their share of total U.S. natural gas production are:
West Virginia-7.1%


We have successfully listed and analyzed the 20 best paying jobs in natural gas distribution. You can make your choice. Ensure you choose the one that befits your interests, skills and qualifications.


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