20 Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods | 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

The packaged food industry is promising. This industry can help you acquire valuable skills in other areas. It is also a great idea to work in the best paying jobs in packaged foods, as it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Working in the packaged food sector has many perks. You can also negotiate your salary, work location, and timetable. This industry offers career opportunities.

This article will explain the best paying jobs in packaged foods, the benefits, and how to scale in the industry.

Why Choose a Career In Packaged Foods?

Packaging food is a great job. This job is gratifying and offers many benefits. It also equips you to use new skills as you move up the ladder or in new directions.

Here are some reasons to choose the packaged foods career:

  • A steady income: Working as a food worker will give you regular and good pay.
  • Learn new skills: No matter what job you have, working in the packaged food industry will give you new skills.
  • Get to know people: If you enjoy talking with and getting to know customers and coworkers, packaging food can be a great career option. This field requires interaction with customers and working as part of a team.

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What Are The Different Types Of Packaged Foods Jobs?

  • Food scientists
  • Packaging Engineer 
  • Packaging designer
  • Packaging specialists
  • Packaging operators
  • Packaging assembly workers
  • Compliance/regulatory oversight 
  • Marketing professionals

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods?

The packaged food industry offers more than 30,000 job opportunities. Packaged foods are an excellent industry with low unemployment and many job opportunities.

Packaging is a dynamic industry proliferating and is now divided into different sub-sectors. This industry is responsible for manufacturing and producing packaged food.

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20 Best Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods In 2023

Here are the best paying jobs in packaged foods:

1. Food Taster

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

A food taster is someone who tastes food prepared by another person to determine its safety and other characteristics. You might start with small bites of food and then focus on the key ingredients.

 Food tasters don’t eat the food but drink water to cleanse their palates between bites. A degree is not required to be a food taster. These people are usually average consumers employed part-time to try different products and give feedback to the company. Professionally trained food testers include technicians and food scientists.

2. Food Inspector

Average annual salary: $53,000

 The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service employs food inspectors. Food inspectors inspect meat, poultry, or other food products before selling them to the public. 

They inspect food from privately owned meat and poultry plants. They ensure that the product is safe to eat, maintain sanitation procedures and comply with federal laws.

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3. Batch Maker

Average Annual Salary: $33,000

Batch makers use specialized equipment to blend or mix ingredients according to specific specifications. Depending on the company’s needs, this could be used to create a particular type of food or flavor. 

To ensure proper mixing, the batch maker oversees the process. The batch maker also records all activities, including the contents and quantities of each batch. For quality control, batch makers might also be responsible for collecting and testing samples from each set.

4. Batcher

Average Annual Salary: $50,000

Batchers are responsible for weighing materials and combining them in a mixer to make specific products for packaged food. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods.

This is a crucial job in the plant as they must ensure that all ingredients are accurately measured and added to each batch.

They are responsible for ensuring that all components and materials are properly stored, so they don’t spoil the batch.

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5. Batch Mixer

Average Annual Salary: $35,000

These Individuals who mix chemicals and ingredients in batch mixers for packaged food are those who create products that meet certain specifications. Some actions require weighing your ingredients, while others require measuring the mix’s components. 

Batch mixers might also be responsible for monitoring the batch and ensuring it produces the expected results. Other duties include cleaning up equipment and documenting production for floor leaders.

6. Food Processor

Average Annual Salary: $29,000

Food processors are people who make sure that the food we eat is of the highest quality. They store and manage food substances, as well as any documentation.

 Food processors are responsible for the production of the final product. They also supervise the equipment and the cooking process to ensure it is done correctly.

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7. Oven Operator

Average annual salary: $34,000.

 Oven operators supervise the baking process in commercial bakeries and factories. Oven operators are responsible for setting up and monitoring the oven and adjusting time and temperature controls.

 To ensure product quality, they may inspect products after and during baking. They are responsible for loading and unloading the product from the oven to move on to the next stage of the packaging food manufacturing process.

8. Flavorist

Average Annual Salary: $98,000

A flavorist is a person who has been trained in technical skills to analyze raw ingredients. This person is also a flavor chemist who uses chemistry to create artificial or natural flavors.

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9. Refrigeration Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Individuals who are Refrigeration Engineers design, supervise the fabrication and troubleshoot problems with refrigeration systems. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods.

 These can be used for residential and commercial purposes, such as maintaining refrigeration units in restaurants, refrigerated medical equipment, insulated trucks, trailers, and other related tasks.

10. Food Safety Director

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

Food safety directors can work in extensive production facilities or manufacturing plants and oversee compliance policies and procedures.

 They are responsible for inspecting and performing other auditing duties. You would be responsible for hiring new inspectors and quality assurance workers as the food safety director.

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11. Food Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $68,000

Food scientists are people who study ways to increase the safety and efficiency of agricultural establishments. They can check the degradation and processing of food using engineering, microbiology, and chemistry.

 They can work in offices or the field. By analyzing food’s content, food scientists can determine the nutritional levels of nutrition. 

12. Food Operations Manager

Average annual salary: $70,000

 Food operations managers manage the day-to-day operations of food service operations. This could include creating and maintaining company standards, complying with regulations, providing high-quality food service, and training employees. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods.

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13. Broiler Manager

Average annual salary: $89,000

 A broiler manager oversees broilers on a farm and supervises staff to ensure that production and equipment are correctly executed.

 Broiler managers might be responsible for maintaining and reviewing records and reporting to the management on overall production.

14. Refrigeration Mechanic

Average Annual Salary: $42,000

A refrigeration mechanic is a person who installs, repairs, and maintains refrigeration systems. This is an essential part of packaged food, as most foods have a shelf-life and need refrigeration to prolong it.

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15. Ammonia Refrigeration Technician

Average annual salary: $52,000

 An ammonia refrigeration technician works with ammonia in refrigeration and is responsible for maintaining, fixing, and inspecting refrigeration systems.

 They may also be responsible for coordinating emergency repairs. Because ammonia is used to heat water, it is vital in refrigeration. This is one of the Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods.

16. Cake decorator

Average annual salary: $19 an hour

Cake decorator is a high-paying job in packaged foods.

A cake decorator can be described as a skilled professional who is familiar with the process of decorating cakes for birthdays and weddings. To decorate cakes, they use frosting, flowers, or icing.

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17. Beverage manager

Average annual salary: $51,398

One of the high paying jobs in packaged foods is that of beverage manager. You can be a beverage manager with the right skills and qualifications.

A beverage manager is a professional responsible for overseeing all aspects of beverage preparation and daily operation. They make sure all beverages are in order.

18. Nutrition Assistant

Average annual salary: $40,470

One of the highest-paying jobs in packaged foods is that of a nutrition assistant. You can be a nutrition assistant with the right skills and qualifications.

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19. Shift manager

Average annual salary: $48,443

The shift manager position is among the highest-paid in the packaged food industry. With the right skills and qualifications, you can be a c-shift manager.

You will be responsible for assigning tasks to staff and overseeing business activities.

20. Packaging procurement manager

Average annual salary: $95,188

The packaging procurement manager is one of the most lucrative jobs in the packaged food sector. You can be a packaging procurement manager with the right skills and qualifications.

Packaging procurement managers create new packaging designs such as paper, plastic, cartons, and can designs. Packaging procurement managers also search for packaging materials around the globe.

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Skills Required For A Job In Packaged Foods

Your enthusiasm for the career is not enough; you need specific skills to succeed.

These are the skills that you’ll need to be successful in this industry:

  • You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Be a reasonable observer and pay attention to all details.
  • Discover the most impressive mechanical skills.
  • Dexterity

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How Much Do Packaged Foods Pay?

Food packaging is a good career choice as it has grown to be a significant industry with more than 500,000 employees across the United States. They pay competitive salaries to their workers.

According to Bureau of labor statistics, It is possible to earn anywhere from $28,750 to $86,400 annually in the Packaged foods industry.

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FAQs on Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

Can I get a job in the packaged food industry?

Yes. With the basic requirements and skills, you can get the best paying jobs in the packaged food industry.

Do I need a degree to get a job in the packaged food industry?

Not necessary. From our list of jobs, some of the best jobs do not require a degree.

What is the average salary of an employee in the packaged food industry?

The average salary of an employee in the packaged food industry ranges from$28,750 to $86,400 annually.

What are packaged foods?

Packaged foods refer to pre-packaged food or beverage purchased from a shop or vendor.


Many job opportunities are available to individuals in the packaged food industry without or with degrees. It is possible to get the job if you meet the requirements for the job.

We have created a list of the best paying job in packaged foods with the hope that you decide the best one for yourself.


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