20 Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals | 2023

Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

Are you looking for high paying jobs? Good job opportunities are available today, and one of them lies in the precious metals industry. There are many best paying jobs in precious metals that you can go into.

The precious metal industry is where you can get established for a long time and enjoy a high salary and many bonuses and benefits such as health insurance packages. The precious metals market is very lucrative and has a high demand worldwide.

This article will discuss the 20 best paying jobs in precious metals to make your job search easy.

What Does A Precious Metal Worker Do?

Workers in the precious metals industry work with different precious metals like silver, gold, Platinum, Rhenium, Rhodium, Palladium, and other valuable gemstones.

Some of the tasks carried out by the precious metals workers are:

  • Polishing and cleaning of the jewelry
  • Shaping metals
  • Soldering metals
  • Creating quotes for customers
  • Smoothening of rough spots and joints on metals
  • Casting new model pieces into metals

However, the work in the precious metal industry differs. Your work will depend on the niche you are going into. For instance, a bench jeweler’s work may vary from a gemologist’s.

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Why Choose a Career in Precious Metals?

The precious metals industry has different responsibilities; some workers are required to repair broken jewelry, resize rings, craft jewelry, e.t.c.

This industry has different jobs, just like it has different responsibilities. Here are some reasons you should choose the precious metals career:

  • You will always have something new to work on: Just like we mentioned above, in the precious metals industry, from production to engineering to sales and marketing, you will always find a role that interests you.
  • You will meet a wide variety of people: Working with the precious metals industry draws a broad array of people. In distinct roles, you’ll be able to work directly with clients and have good interactions with many people.
  • You will gain specific knowledge: The precious industry is highly specified; this means that you would get jobs quickly in this career, build more knowledge, and become a unique asset to any team.
  • You will feel fulfilled: You will feel fulfilled and satisfied while working in the precious metals industry because of the value and high pay that comes with it.

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What Are The Different Types Of Precious Metals Careers?

Precious metals careers can be divided into two main types: 

  • Those that work with precious metals; from mining, fabricating and refining precious.
  • Those that work in the financial aspect. Like investing in precious metals and related stocks.

20 Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

There are different types of best paying jobs in precious metals. These jobs are very lucrative, and the pay is reputable.

Here are the best-paying jobs in the precious metals industry in descending order:

1. Precious metal broker

Average annual salary: $100,000

A Precious metal broker typically buys and resells precious metals to other people second-hand. They operate with new and used precious metals of numerous kinds. 

Also, they are good at estimating the value of precious metals using market value. This job is very lucrative and less stressful.

2. Metals production specialist

Average annual salary: $78,106

The responsibilities of a precious metal production specialist are to 

  • Determine the chemical composition of a product,
  • Choose the method and temperature of the smelting process, 
  • Process ore to produce steel, and 
  • Producing alloys with required properties.

If chemistry and materials sciences seem fun, you should try this job.

3. Quality control specialist

Average annual salary: $72,309

A quality control expert is among the most lucrative jobs in the world of precious metals. The tasks of a quality assurance specialist comprise:

  • Tests of precious jewelry products and evaluations.
  • Identifying product defects.
  • Reporting and recording issues.
  • Making repairs that are needed.

4. Precious metals advisor consultant

Average annual salary: $71,687

A precious metal advisor consultant works closely with clients interested in investing in precious metals. Assessing individual client desires, advisor consultants evaluate the market and determine which metals are best and when to buy them.

This is one of the high paying jobs in precious metals. All you need is the knowledge of investing in precious metals and good customer service; then, you are good to go.

5. Precious Metals Sales Agent

Average annual salary: $71,687

Becoming a precious metals sales agent can be an extremely lucrative career. A precious metal sales agent’s primary responsibility is supervising and expanding their company accounts and portfolios by buying, selling, and trading from a selection of valuable coins and metals. 

Nowadays, most sales agent jobs are done over the phone and usually bring some commission, plus guaranteed base pay. This job is one of the best paying jobs in precious metals.

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6. Precious Metals Marketing Expert

Average Annual Salary: $71,687

As with the sales agents, the precious metals marketers should be knowledgeable about precious metals and the coins industry along with basic marketing and communication strategies.

In general, they are marketers for the product to increase awareness and understanding to maintain or expand the effectiveness of sales funnels to reach the company’s financial objectives.

7. Jewelry appraiser

Average annual salary: $60,148

A jewelry appraiser evaluates products and their worth. They also provide an estimated value of the product. This job is among the best and most highly paid in the precious metals industry.

8. Miners

Average annual salary: $58,147

Being a miner is one of the many jobs in the precious metals industry that can fetch you millions in no time. Many dreams of becoming miners, but the job is not for everyone.

To be a miner, you must have broad first-hand knowledge of geology and mining. You need to be physically fit and withstand long hours at high altitudes. This is one of the best paying precious metals jobs.

9. Gemologist

Average annual salary: $57,642

The job of a gemologist is to describe and identify gemstones. It is an excellent job, especially if you are interested in the precious market labor market.

10. Jewelry and coin consultant

Average annual salary: $55,000

A jewelry and coin consultant gives precise estimates and payouts for jewelry and coins. They test, buy and sell precious metals, coins, currency, and collectibles with exceptional customer service.

This is also one of the best paying jobs in precious metals.

11. Lapidaries

Average annual salary: $53,522

Who would have imagined that cleaning up rocks would be a profession and a high-paying one? A lapidary’s work in the industry is cleaning and cutting gemstones, stones, and gems for jewelry making. You need to have a jewelry-making background to fit into this job. 

12. Precious Metals Marketing Associate

Average Annual Salary: $49,040

As a marketing associate, your primary responsibility will be to assist the marketing leader through various tasks, including helping develop sales material, call scripts, and promotional materials.

Furthermore, you may also need to manage the social media handle, reply to emails and work on the digital marketing aspect. 

13. Goldsmith

Average annual salary: $45,376

Goldsmiths specialize in gold and other precious metals. They usually shape metal, reset stones, construct jewelry, grade precious metals and repair jewelry.

These experts make a lot of money, and the job is well known and lucrative.

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14. Junior Precious Metals Sales Associate

Average Annual Salary: $45,050

The majority of junior sales associates in precious metals do not require previous sales experience to be able to secure an opportunity. This position will train you along the way, so long as you’re committed, responsible and able to coach.

Junior sales associates selling precious metals generally earn a small commission and share it with their higher-ranking leaders.

Being an associate sales representative lets you learn about the trade through hands-on experience, develop a knowledge of your client base, and develop expertise about precious metals. This knowledge can make you stand out when you apply for higher-level sales positions.

15. Jewelry designer

Average annual salary: $45,000

A jewelry assistant is very creative. They use their creativity, skills and experience to create fine jewelry. From stunning bracelets to wedding bands, these experts make beautiful jewelry.

This is one of the high paying precious metals jobs that is well known and has many categories from which you can choose.

16. Maintenance Technician

Average annual salary: $43,000

There are a variety of levels for maintenance technicians, but most will join at Level One for an entry-level position. After gaining the needed experience, you can start applying for high-level jobs. 

17. Precious metal worker

Average annual salary: $42,500

Precious metal workers deal with precious metals and metal alloys in producing jewelry, antique restorations, furniture, mining, blacksmithing, and more. Many industries employ precious metal workers.

18. Goldsmith Apprentice

Average Annual Salary: $39,410

Apprenticeships in goldsmithing are available for people who wish for full-time work as goldsmiths. Most people who want training collaborate with local master smiths and other companies.

Apprenticeships offer one-to-one education in a work environment to let individuals take on the job in a group and better understand the work and how the process works.

Apprenticeships are available in the local area through local organizations or individual goldsmiths. This is one of the high paying jobs in precious metals.

19. Jewelry salesperson

Average annual salary: $35,000

Jewelry sales are where the precious metals industry makes the most money. A salesperson in a jewelry store facilitates buying, selling, and evaluating precious metal and precious stone jewelry pieces. 

Jewelry salespeople often earn commission on their sales, so your level of sales success highly determines your salary.

20. Material Operator

Average Annual Salary: $33,369

Materials operators are responsible for planning, monitoring, and coordinating all materials to meet production needs.

Additionally, the material operators must organize materials and ensure they are correctly sealed before shipment. They also record production and process data.

This job can open new doors for other jobs, especially in the manufacturing and production line. It is also one of the best paying jobs in precious metals.

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How To Get A Job In Precious Metals

To get a job in the precious metals industry, you can begin working for experienced metal artisans, for instance, making jewelry, restoring antiques, and building furniture.

Pay attention to study the numerous tasks carried out if you work under any of them, and gain the experience that counts in this sector. After the experience you can sucessfully get a job.

What are the Skills Required To Succeed In Precious Metals Industry?

The following are some of the skills for a career in precious metals:

  • Honesty
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Troubleshooting
  • Computer skills
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Great attention to details
  • Dexterity
  • Mechanical skills
  • Excellent Vision
  • Critical thinking

What If I Don’t Have a Degree?

You can work in the Precious metal industry with no college degree, but sometimes a high school diploma or a GED is required. Most workers in the precious metal industry have some secondary schooling, but not to any particular degree.

How Much Do Precious Metals Jobs Pay?

The salary varies in the precious metals industry, the salary difference results from the diverse job or career opportunities. Therefore, the salary you can get in one job position may not be the same in another.

For instance, according to BLS Goldsmiths earn an average salary of $45,376, a Gemologist makes an average salary of $57,642 annually.

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FAQs on Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals

What is the highest paying precious metal?

Palladium is the most expensive precious metal.

What job works with precious metals and stones?

Jewelers, precious stones, and metal workers design and make jewelry and often sell it. They also repair older jewelry and may appraise the value of both gems and jewelry.

What is the outlook for precious metals?

In 2023, Silver prices are expected to settle at around 23.5 dollars per troy ounce. It is expected to remain the precious metal with the lowest value per ounce. The cost of gold is predicted to drop to around 1,663 U.S. dollars per ounce, making it the most costly precious metal in 2023.

What does a precious metal worker do?

Workers in the precious metals industry work with different precious metals like silver, gold, Platinum, Rhenium, Rhodium, Palladium, and other valuable gemstones.


The precious metal industry is where you can get established for a long time and enjoy a high salary and many bonuses and benefits such as health insurance packages.

There are different types of best paying jobs in precious metals. These jobs are very lucrative, and the pay is reputable. This article has listed and analyzed 20 high paying jobs in precious metals.


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