Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path for Graduates in 2023?

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

Fresh graduates aspiring to improve their skills and become professionals while having a sustainable source of income usually choose consumer durables as a career path; the question ”Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path” is a general question these graduates ask.

A career in consumer durables offers creative opportunities. A position in this industry might be excellent if you are passionate about the field. It is a good career line to consider, especially for the financial benefits.

This article will give an ideal response to the question Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path while providing you with just enough information to get you started on your way.

What are Consumer Durables? 

Consumer durables are often defined as goods that do not quickly wear out or, more specifically, one that yields utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use.

With that in mind, consumer durables are goods with a life of 3 years or more, subject to constant use but built to last long.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path in 2023?

Yes, Consumer Durables is a good career choice. It is a fast-growing business economy filled with a myriad of opportunities and options to choose from.

It is no surprise that many have come to acknowledge the boost in career opportunities the consumer durables sector has to offer those with the skills and know-how in this field.

This field deals with durables that are widely used in our day-to-day lives, making it a business haven for many with the skills to work in this market.

Skills and knowledge are of utmost importance as this field of business are competitive, requiring employees to perform at a high level.

This poses a challenge to newcomers who might drown quite quickly. On the bright side, you are well compensated for performing at your best.

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What are the Examples Of Consumer Durables Careers?

The field of Consumer Durables boasts of its large career base. As of July 2022, it is said that the industry has about three million people employed.  

With companies like Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi offering internships and various international opportunities, the Consumer Durables field is no short on job opportunities.

With that, here there’s a list of job opportunities available in this field.

  • Tool and die maker
  • Fashion forecaster
  • Interior designer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Robotic engineer
  • CNC Machine operator
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Computer engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Product designer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Sales representative
  • Product brand manager
  • Automotive sales manager

There is no specified number of jobs available; there are many more than mentioned above in the examples.

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What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Consumer Durables?

In choosing a career path, understanding its pros and cons is precious information as it minimizes your possibility of loss and increases your profit rate.


Career opportunities

The trade of consumer durables is a very versatile and diverse field, with many options and opportunities available to even those with the most basic knowledge of trading.

Many consumer durable companies are large international brands. While some people don’t enjoy working in these industries, these jobs often come with great benefits and opportunities to move up within the same company.

This also improves your portfolio and business credibility, just in case you want to branch out.

Exercising Your Creativity

A career in consumer durables offers creative opportunities. Design and utility characterize durable consumer goods. A position in this industry might be excellent if you are passionate about the field.

Flexible Working Hours

One benefit of working in the durable consumer industry is the flexibility of the working hours, thereby creating time to ease off stress, rejuvenate and improve your skill set.

Good Pay

When searching for a job, the salary packages determine if you will apply for the job or not, as no one should want to work for a company that pays below minimum wage.

The durable consumer industry is a good career line to consider, especially from financial benefits. Also, the salary varies based on career line and level of experience.

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High Cost of Purchasing Consumer Durable Products

Starting a career in the durable consumer industry as a small business owner can be very discouraging as it is costly to purchase consumer durables products.

A faulty appliance can lead to a decline in business as its replacement is quite expensive.

Low-Income Rate

The starting salary rate for an entry-level job position in consumer durables may be lower than in other industries.

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How to Get Started in a Career in Consumer Durables 

Pursuing a career in the consumer durable industry provides a wholesome experience. If you are interested in starting a career in the consumer durable industry, here are some tips to help ensure you kickstart properly.

Do some industry research

Before applying for positions within the consumer durables sector, it is crucial to understand the industry. Make sure you are aware of the top companies in the industry, the items they provide, and the rising trends in the sector.

Research the company you intend to apply to

Start doing your study on a particular leading consumer durable company that has your interest once you have a solid understanding of the industry. 

Learn everything there is to know about them, including their past, present, and future aspirations.

Submit a job application

Apply for any vacant positions or job opportunities that fit your abilities and qualifications after you’ve identified the ideal firm and learned what they value in an employee. Be sure to send a well-written cover letter and CV.

Getting ready for the interview

Remember that you still need to ace the interview even if your initial application is accepted. Be prepared to discuss your professional experience, familiarity with the company’s products, and sales and negotiating skills.

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What are the Skills Required to Succeed in a Career in Consumer Durables?

There are a few key talents you must master if you want to succeed in the consumer durables industry.

First and foremost, it’s critical to have an in-depth understanding of the goods you’ll be selling. It is necessary to know the item’s advantages and disadvantages and how they stack up against other products on the market.

Additionally, it’s critical to communicate with customers well. This entails being able to respond to their inquiries in a way that is both convincing and instructive.

Finally, it’s essential to be able to establish trusting bonds with both producers and merchants. This entails being able to foster respect and trust for one another. By honing these skills, you will be well on your way to success in the consumer durables industry.

Other supplementary skills include

  • Research and Comprehension skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Basic computer skills

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What are the Education and Training Requirements for a Career in Consumer Durables?

The educational and training requirements for a career in consumer durables depend on the job description for the position you are applying for.

The educational and training requirements are as follows:

Undergraduate Degree

Most entry-level jobs in consumer durables require an undergraduate degree in either marketing, engineering, or business administration.

Master’s Degree 

Although not every career choice in consumer durables will require you to obtain a master’s in engineering or any related field, having your master’s degree will ultimately help set you up for further success in consumer durables, as it will qualify you for leadership or more advanced research and design positions.

Professional Certification

Consumer durable jobs like those in the manufacturing aspect require only professional certification. These can be obtained online, in community colleges, or vocational schools. Some companies may often have on-the-job training programs, allowing you to bypass the classes entirely.

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What are the Salary and Job Outlook for a Career in Consumer Durables?

The salary and job outlook for consumer durables is expected to be highly impressive as statistics show that the consumer durables and electronic products business is increasing at a 10 to 15% annual rate.

The industry offers a variety of job roles, and there are entry-level positions for people interested in having a career switch into the durable consumer sector.

Also, there are many opportunities to learn new skills, gain experience and diversify into another field in the long run.

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How Much Can You Make From Consumer Durables? 

While salaries vary considerably depending on your educational level, location, and level of expertise, a few consumer durables jobs typically have higher-than-average salaries across the board.

Below is a list of durable consumer jobs and their pay grade.

  • Robotics Engineer – $89,000
  • Automotive Engineer – $72,000
  • Quality Assurance Engineer – $86,000
  • Electronics Engineer – $101,000
  • Computer Engineer – $97,000
  • Product Brand Manager – $101,000
  • Marketing Specialist -$51,000

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List of Best Paying Jobs in Consumer DurablesIs Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

If you are interested in starting a career in the consumer durables industry, then you may like to consider some of the best-paying jobs within the industry.

  1. Senior Managers – $131,778
  2. Vice President Operations – $123,692
  3. Senior Executive – $121,065
  4. Product Manager – $80,000 – $110,000
  5. Business Analyst – $82,886
  6. Risk Executive – $82,333
  7. Product Designer – $81,456
  8. Field Sales Representatives – $79,571
  9. Market Researcher – $61,306
  10. Collections Associate – $39,507

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What Companies are in the Consumer Durables in the World?

The consumer durable sector is a booming industry. It is one of the top industries for job growth and contributes to nearly 6.9% of the world’s GDP. Within the consumer durable industry, many sub-sectors are quite productive yet challenging. 

Also, this industry includes various businesses ranging from food to electronics to clothing. So, what companies are in the consumer durables industry?

  • Canon Inc.
  • Whirlpool Corp.
  • Sony Corp.
  • Philips Ltd
  • LG Corp.
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Apple 
  • Microsoft
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • Nike Inc.
  • Sony Corp.

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FAQs on Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path

What is the difference between durable and nondurable commodities?

Durable products are consumer items with a long life cycle and are used over time.
On the other hand, Nondurable goods have short life cycles and are consumed in less than three years.

What is HDFC consumer durable?

The HDFC Consumer Durable Loan is an excellent alternative if you intend to upgrade your home appliances or acquire the newest technology device. 

What is the global consumer culture?

The term “global consumer culture” refers to a cultural entity unrelated to a single country but a more extensive community typically recognized as transnational and transcends diverse national cultures.


There were 638,583 manufacturing companies in the United States as of 2022, a rise of 1.4 percent from 2021.

Additionally, the consumer durable goods industry generated thousands of new jobs over the same period.

If the consumer durables industry appeals to you, you should consider starting your career there soon. However, we live in a technologically sophisticated and service-oriented culture today, so you must acquire skills that will allow you to land the highest-paying jobs in consumer durables.


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