Is Home Furnishings A Good Career Path?

Is Home Furnishings A Good Career Path

To work in the home furnishings industry, you must have experience assisting people in selecting necessities such as classic home furnishings, fine art, and other decorative accents that make their homes more inviting and comfortable.

You can determine if you are a good fit for these professions based on the options available to you and the location where you wish to practice. Personal relationships and social skills are critical in gaining clients while providing home furnishing services. 

Based on your alternatives and the location where you want to practice, you can decide if you are a good fit for these occupations. Gaining clients when providing home furnishing services requires interpersonal connections and social aptitude.

So, if you’re wondering, “Is home furnishings a good career path?” This guide will teach you everything you need to know about home furnishings careers, the average cost of furnishing a home, and how many jobs are available in the home furnishings industry.

What Is Home Furnishings?

The term “home furnishings” refers to anything used to make a house or apartment feel like a home, including furniture, bedding, kitchenware, and dishware. Examples include beds, rugs, window treatments, artwork, furniture, etc.

Homeowners, restaurateurs, businesses, and hotels are all looking for creative people with keen eyes to help them improve their space in a way that symbolizes their unique and distinctive style due to the ever-increasing need for home upgrades.

Interior designers, who hold various home furnish industry jobs, are therefore more in demand.

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Is Home Furnishings A Good Career Path?

The most crucial question is now: Is home furnishings a good career path in the twenty-first century? And a resounding yes is the response. As noted above, as the trend of upgrading homes is expanding faster than before, the demand for home furnishings professionals is increasing more and more every day.

Many people dream of being able to afford their own homes. When this dream comes true, people want to add unique features that suit their tastes, with interior decorating being the most significant.

The home furnishings sector offers a wide range of professional alternatives, countless opportunities to use, expand, and perfect your existing abilities, and numerous opportunities to learn many new ones due to this constant need.

So by this point, you must be aware that the home furnishings industry might be a great job choice for someone with a good level of creativity.

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What are the Examples Of Home Furnishings careers?

You earn a good living, though not as much as other professions that demand extremely high levels of education and a strong emphasis on your work. Many positions also offer opportunities for career growth, enabling you to keep honing your craft.

You should think about a career in home furnishings if the job descriptions listed below sound appealing to you.

These are significant positions in home furnishings:

  • Architect Jobs
  • Home Designer Jobs
  • Design Architect Jobs
  • Architectural Engineer Jobs
  • Space Planner Jobs
  • Design Consultant Jobs
  • Real Estate Agent Jobs
  • Architectural Designer Jobs
  • Furniture Designer Jobs
  • Architectural Technician Jobs
  • Upholsterer Jobs
  • Draftsperson Jobs
  • Interior Decorator Jobs
  • Home Stager Jobs
  • Kitchen And Bath Designer Jobs
  • Furniture Maker Jobs
  • Floral Designer Jobs
  • Cabinet Maker Jobs
  • Furniture Restorer Jobs

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What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Home Furnishings?


1) No specific educational background is necessary to work in the home furnishings industry. Most people begin as assistants and later advance to more senior roles. You can learn more about home furnishings and how to market them by taking online classes, but it’s not required.

2) The job market is excellent for individuals who work in the home furnishings industry; there is always a need for your expertise in this industry. People are constantly moving, getting new houses, and removing their old furniture. This means you’ll never have to be concerned about losing your employment because a profession in home furnishings can never be terminated!

3) A profession in home furnishings may be ideal for you if you enjoy interacting with people. You’ll interact with consumers frequently and assist them in choosing furniture and home décor because it’s a personal field. So, helping someone in designing their ideal home can be immensely satisfying!

4) There are no time restrictions when working on tasks related to home furnishings so that you may go at your own pace. This might be a significant benefit if you have a family and want to spend as much time as possible with them. You can take some additional time off work if things get busy and come back when things settle down.


1) Despite the lack of rigorous constraints, you must put in significant effort and meet your deadlines. A profession in home furnishings may not be for you if you are not a self-starter. Nobody is watching you and telling you what to do, so staying motivated and focused on your objectives is up to you.

2) This industry may be quite competitive. Although they can be challenging, home furnishings can also be gratifying and satisfying. The drawback of this vocation is that it might not be the right field for you if you’re not a risk-taker.

3) You must be aware of how to use design principles. You might not be suited for this career if you don’t have a creative background or a keen eye for design.

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How do you Get Started in a Career in Home Furnishings?

Becoming a home furnisher involves gaining a formal education, on-the-job experience, and professional certifications. Following these steps will help you become a home furnisher:

  • Understand the profession
  • Complete your education
  • Gain experience
  • Build a portfolio
  • Create a network
  • Develop skills and keep up with trends
  • Join professional organizations

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What are the Skills Required to Succeed in a Career in Home Furnishings?

Design Capabilities

This is the foundation upon which the home furnishings sector is based.

You can work in this field and produce appealing, original products that people like to use. For individuals who work in the home furnishings industry, it is necessary. You’ll need to use your imagination to create remarkable things that stand out.

Customer Service Competencies

A good relationship with clients is one of the abilities required to succeed in this sector. Good customer service skills distinguish decent employees from the competition, regardless of where they work. You’ll need to hone your customer service abilities and be able to answer questions about the company’s products.

Marketing Knowledge

Everything is marketed. Both online and offline marketing will be required for you and your business.

Social media and websites are both used in online marketing. In offline marketing, potential customers are approached and spoken to. Given the size of the home furnishings market, you’ll need to focus on a few specific sectors.

Accounting expertise

Accounting is crucial in the home furnishings market since you must understand how much money is spent and made on each item.

Leadership Qualities

You might enhance your finances and determine whether you are making money if you have good management abilities.

In particular, you will require this expertise if you hold any managerial positions.

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What are the Education and Training Requirements for a Career in Home Furnishings?

A home furnisher often only needs a bachelor’s degree, but that degree must emphasize interior design, drawing, and computer-aided design (CAD). You can pursue associate’s and master’s degrees after earning your bachelor’s degree to advance your career.


State-specific licensing requirements differ. Only licensed furnishers are permitted to work on house furniture in some states. Both licensed and unlicensed furnishers may perform this service in other states, but only licensed furnishers are allowed to use the term “house furnished.” Other states let licensed, and unlicensed furnishers use the word “home furnisher” and carry out home furnishing work.

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What are the Salary and Job Outlook for a Career in Home Furnishings?

Job Outlook

Between 2016 and 2026, the employment situation is expected to change by 5%. (As quickly as usual)

(7 percent is the overall average growth rate for all occupations).

Median pay

What do home furnishers earn?

Their yearly salary is $48,10, and their hourly wage is $23.95.

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How Much Can You Make From Home Furnishings?

The typical Affordable Home Furnishings compensation is comprehensive, from $28,461 per year for bilingual retail salespeople to $47,209 for store managers. Pay at Affordable Home Furnishings ranges from about $9.49 for a bilingual sales representative to $16.08 for a management trainee per hour on average.

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What Are The Lists of Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishings?

Is home furnishings a good career path? Let’s check out the high-paying jobs in this industry. It makes sense to wonder how many jobs are available in the home furnishings industry and what line of work you should go into.

The sector has several open positions, each with a distinct set of responsibilities. While some parts have very high salaries, others have very modest salaries.

Take a look at the following list if you’re curious about the highest-paying positions in the home furnishings industry:

1. Architect

Average Annual Salary: $90,000

Architecture is the science and art of creating buildings; it is unrelated to furnishing or adorning a space. Depending on their area of interest and expertise, architects may concentrate more on the specifics of a structure or more on its design.

2. Home Designer

Average Annual Salary: $62,000

The goal of a house design is to beautify a room. They must be knowledgeable about flooring, window treatments, furniture styles, and colors.

3. Design Architect

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

This occupation’s job title is quite detailed. Design architects concentrate on the aesthetics of a structure. The majority of this is accomplished by software modeling, but it is still advisable to be able to draft and design plans.

4. Architectural Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $96,000

Architectural engineers are more concerned with the operational aspects of buildings than with the design.

5. Space Planner

Average Annual Salary: $68,000

A corporation might hire someone with this designation to make the best use of their space. Space planners are employed in offices and other settings in addition to interior design.

6. Design Consultant

Average Annual Salary: $67,000

Design consultants assist with many types of design. Therefore this position is not only for interior designers. Design consultants should be able to combine functionality with aesthetics to create an environment that is both functional and beautiful.

7. Real Estate Agent

Average Annual Salary: $93,000

Real estate brokers market homes and other structures. Your amount depends on how many houses you sell and how much they cost because your compensation is mainly based on commission. But as a result, real estate is comparatively easy to enter and has sound financial potential.

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What Companies are in the Home Furnishings Sector?

1. Affirm

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2012
  • USA

2. Cashkaro

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2013
  • India

3. Casper Sleep

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2013
  • USA

4. Marxent Labs

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2011
  • USA

5. Chairish

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2013
  • USA

6. Tommy Hilfiger (company)

  • Subsidiary
  • Founded 1985
  • USA


  • Private Company
  • Founded 2001
  • USA

8. Finish

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2017
  • USA


  • Private Company
  • Founded 2010
  • United Kingdom

10. FloorFound

  • Private Company
  • Founded 2020
  • USA

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FAQs on Is Home Furnishings a Good Career Path

What is Hard Furnishing In Home Furnishing?

Furniture comes in two varieties: soft furniture and hard furniture. Relaxing and calming soft furniture. Conversely, hard furniture has purposes other than enhancing human comfort.

What Are The Goals Of House Furnishing?

One strategy is to look for or portray a particular idea or theme while choosing, decorating, and furnishing a home.

What Is The Value Of The Home Furnishings Industry?

The US home décor market was worth 169 billion dollars as of 2022. That amount was projected to increase by 21% to 202 billion by 2025.


That is all there is to know about the home furnishings industry before you make your most important professional choice.

You will have the opportunity to advance your knowledge and skills in this field, which can be helpful in various areas including real estate, industrial/machinery components, precious metals, primary industry, hotels/resorts, packaged foods, and much more.

You will also have the chance to exercise your creative side and work toward a worthwhile goal. Working for a company in a developing industry, like home furnishings, can be the best choice you ever make.


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