Is Major Chemicals A Good Career Path For Graduates?

Is Major Chemicals A Good Career Path

The major chemicals industry is a good career path and worth it because of lots of job opportunities. If you have a good memory and are very detailed, consider this career.

Chemical engineers are in high demand due to their skills in a variety of fields. Manufacturing, research, and engineering are some of their specialties.

According to

Are you a chemistry lover looking forward to entering the major chemicals industry, and have you ever pondered the question ”Is major chemicals a good career path? If yes, then you are in the right place.

If you are looking for a career that requires technical expertise, then major chemicals may be right for you. This sector has many opportunities, and the job market is competitive.

This industry is best for those who love challenges and have the greatest focus. Major chemical jobs can help you develop these qualities and land a great job.

This article will teach you about the major chemical industry and why you should start a career in this fantastic industry.

What Are Major Chemicals?

The major chemical industry comprises companies that produce industrial chemicals. This industry converts raw materials like natural gas, air, metal, water, and oil into different products.

Different professionals are involved in the chemical industry; they include; lab technicians, chemists, chemical engineers, etc.

Is Major Chemicals A Good Career Path?

The major chemicals industry is a good career path and worth it because of lots of job opportunities. If you have a good memory and are very detailed, you should consider this career.

Also, there are various jobs available in this industry. You can quickly move to another career while still using your experience.

Additionally, If you love scientific advancement, entering the major chemicals career makes sense. Chemical jobs require you to think out of the box and also know how to tackle challenges.

Furthermore, if creating new materials isn’t your favorite thing, many adjacent careers, such as pharmacist or toxicologist, are fulfilling.

Helping people while making use of your knowledge is a noble thing to do. If you have the requirements and the skills needed in this career, then you should pursue it; it is a distinguished career.

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Examples of Major Chemicals

Some examples of major chemicals industries include:

  • Fertilizer industry
  • Polymer
  • Textile
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceuticals

What do People Working in The Major Chemicals Industry Do?

Working in the chemical industry is somewhat challenging and detailed because you have to develop better materials in different sectors.

People working in this industry transform raw materials into different products which are being used worldwide. Chemists are also essential for food science, quality control, and safety.

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What are the Benefits of Major Chemicals?

We cannot answer the question Is major chemicals a good career path? without discussing the benefits of working in this career. 

Here are the benefits of working in the major chemicals industry: 

High salary

The salary of major chemical workers in the United States is impressive. The pay scale is a significant attraction.

Variety of careers

There are many careers and jobs available in this major chemical industry. So, you can choose the one that befits you.

Ability to switch career

In this industry, you can switch careers. Some workers may desire a change in positions; this is possible in the major chemical industry.

Good work environment

Professionals in the chemicals industry are mostly intellectually stimulated because of the nature of their job.

How to Get Started in a Career in Major Chemicals

After you have decided on the job role you want to enter, the next step is to refine your strategy for getting it. Grow your network, and meet with people conversant with the industry, including family, friends, professors, and other contacts.

Check out professional societies and organizations such as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), the American Chemical Society, the Biochemical Society, and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC).

Be open to mentorship, interviews, and internship opportunities. This would go a long way in shaping the work ahead and gives you a higher chance of getting a job.

Create and update your profile, then research companies and open positions. Develop an informed sense of what jobs and companies you’re targeting. This way, you can ask specific questions when you get the chance to talk with contacts in your network.

Refine your CV. You want to be balanced and prepared when an opportunity comes, so have your materials ready.

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What are the Skills Required To Succeed In Major Chemicals?

Skills play a tremendous role in helping you to have a successful career. Without these skills, your chances of excelling in a career path will not be impossible.

The following skills are relevant in the major chemicals industry:

  • Information technology
  • Research skills
  • Analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Data collection

What Are The Education And Training Requirements For A Career In Major Chemicals?

Here are the educational and training requirements to consider:

  • A bachelor’s in chemistry
  • A bachelor’s in chemical engineering. 
  • A master’s degree or higher. 

Also, there are some certifications you can get from societies in the major chemicals field. These certificates will also help boost your chances of getting a job.

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What is the Job Outlook of Major Chemicals?

The job outlook for experts in major chemicals looks pleasing.
Statistics predict a 6% growth rate for chemical scientists between 2020 and 2030, which is about average for all occupations.

In the next ten years, there are expected to be over 9,200 vacancies for these scientists.

What Do Major Chemicals Jobs Pay?

Major chemicals career path provides chemistry graduates with many opportunities. According to, the average Chemical Operator salary is $50,304 with a salary range of $45,428 and $60,673.

Professionals in this industry earn a reputable income. The salary for those in the major chemicals industry largely depends on the field or job position.

For instance, while a pharmacist earns an average salary of $143,925, a process engineer makes an average salary of $78,500.

Best Paying Jobs In Major Chemicals

Is major chemicals a good career path? We have answered this question with enough proof that venturing into this industry is good. Going further, we want to talk about the best-paying jobs in this industry to make it worthwhile for you.

Here are the best paying jobs in major chemicals:

1. Pharmacologist

Average Annual Salary: $82,000

Pharmacologists study and analyze drugs, chemicals, and other substances to discover how they affect biological systems.

2. Chemical Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $85,000

Chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemistry to research new materials to improve product

3. Materials Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $83,000

Material scientists analyze chemicals to better understand both natural and synthetic materials. 

4. Chemistry Professor

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

A chemistry professor gives lectures, conducts discussions, and guides students in labs. Developing and grading tests. 

5. Process Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $81,000

A Process Engineer helps in turning raw materials into finished products. Process engineers are expected to improve products and processes along the way. 

6. Quality Assurance Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $86,000

This job is in high demand by many companies. A quality assurance engineer’s job ranges from ensuring toys meet standards to providing food and drugs are pure. 

7. Research and Development Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

Research and Development scientists are diligently involved in inventing new materials and testing them to ensure they meet the requirements.

8. Validation Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $82,000

Validation Specialists partake in validation, temperature mapping, and calibration activities. They measure instrument or software performance to determine if tools perform as described.

9. Analytical Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

An analytical scientist studies materials and collects data on them. It’s a specific type of researcher. 

10. Research Scientist

Average Base Pay: $83,500

A research scientist is directly involved in developing new medicines, technology and more.

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What Companies are in the Major Chemicals Field?

  • Petroleum Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)
  • Exxon Mobil
  • BASF Catalysts
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • LyondellBasell
  • LG Chemical
  • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
  • Mitsubishi Corp Americas
  • Formosa Plastics Corp USA

FAQs On Is Major Chemicals A Good Career Path

Is chemistry a good career path?

Yes. This career is worth it and has lots of opportunities. If you have a good memory and are very detailed, you should consider this career.

Are chemistry majors in demand?

Chemistry skills are in demand in the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical research. A chemistry degree can permit you to work in law, forensics, chemical inspections, or regulation in the public sector.

Do chemistry majors make good money?

According to the BLS, the national average annual salary of a chemist is $83,850, which is over $30,000 more than the average annual salary for all occupations.

What Do Major Chemicals Jobs Pay?

Major chemicals career path provides chemistry graduates with many opportunities. According to, the average Chemical Operator’s salary is $50,304 with a salary range of $45,428 and $60,673.

Is a master’s degree in chemistry worth it?

You qualify for advanced and high-paying roles with a master’s degree in chemistry.


This article has successfully answered the question, Is major chemicals a good career path? and the answer is yes. Working in the major chemicals prepares you for an abundant life of career opportunities.

Additionally, jobs in major chemicals come with a good salary.
If you look forward to a career in major chemicals, you are on the right track.


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