15 Best Web Apps For Online Consulting in 2023

Best Web Apps For Online Consulting

An online consultancy firm requires completing several tasks, including management, business consulting, and coaching. Web apps for online consulting make these tasks easy and help you grow your consulting business.

There are many different web apps for online consulting; sometimes, choosing the right ones for your consulting business is challenging. You can choose from a wide range of branding and marketing apps and various project management apps for your consulting company.

This article will discuss the best web apps for online consulting and how to get clients as consultants to improve your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Web Apps For Online Consulting?

There are a lot of benefits of using web apps for online consulting. These benefits include: 

Time Tracking

Using a time tracking tool is essential for any online consulting business. It helps you track your customer billing and other vital projects.

Sales Tax Handling

Handling sales tax can be time-consuming for businesses. Some web apps available can make the process easy for you.

Team Collaboration

Business cooperation is very vital. Some web apps have features to make teamwork easy.

Project Management Tools

Project management is critical in any consulting business; if not handled correctly, the business might fall. That is why the use web for project management is significant.

Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing help attracts customers and keeps your business professional. There are many web apps that you can use for branding and marketing to make your consulting business succeed. 

Legal Matters

Managing a consulting business means dealing with many delicate topics. That is why it is crucial to organize your legal matters. Many web apps for online consulting have the option of facilitating the contract signing process and other key features that your business could surely benefit from.

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What Are The Different Types Of Web Apps for Online Consulting?

Customer relationship management (CRM)Apps

A CRM system helps manage your leads altogether. It also helps in daily tasks.

Time Tracking Apps

A time-tracking app tracks time spent on projects and handles hourly billing. The three business models in consulting business are; success fee, monthly retainer, and hourly rate. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing apps help to remind customers of your presence. Emails can create valuable unique touches on a scale that many channels lack.

Project Management Apps

A project management app is used to manage and structure your projects.

Brand monitoring

A brand monitoring web app monitors the prestige of your brand online. 

15 Best Web Apps For Online Consulting in 2023

There are several apps you can use for your online consulting business. We have picked and analyzed the best ones for you. We grouped these apps into four (4) categories; these categories are grouped according to tasks and how they operate.

  • Accounting and Project Management Software
  • CRM and Sales
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Branding and Marketing

Accounting and Project Management Software

Taking proper records is very crucial in business. These web apps would help you manage and keep proper accounts of your online consultancy firm.

They include:

  • Mavenlink
  • Scribe
  • Deskera
  • Xero
  • Evernote

This popular project management platform comes with specific solutions designed around consulting. The goal is to help you maximize utilization, improve margins, and delight clients simultaneously. You can track project progress, schedule your plans, plan financial resources, and improve results.

This web app is designed to work and connect with CRM and other tools. You can manage your entire business from resource management, project accounting, and business intelligence in one place.

Price: The Teams plan costs around $19/month for up to five users. The Professional program costs $39/per month per user.

2. Scribe

This is a web app and browser extension (Chrome and Firefox) that automates the creation of how-to guides. Scribe automatically writes the instructions, takes the screenshots, and highlights your clicks. 

You can add additional instructions, delete steps, modify screenshots, and edit information.

Price: $29 per month

3. Deskera

Deskera gives you everything you need to run your business. Online payments, Invoicing, accounting, inventory, order fulfillment, bank connections, and financial reports with local tax reporting.

Price: The startup plan costs $109 monthly, the essential plan costs $249 monthly, and the professional plan costs $599 monthly.

4. Xero

This is one of the best web apps for online consulting for any small consulting firm or business. If you want to save effort and money, this is the perfect app. You can handle all the invoicing with the available payment options and connect your bank with daily transactions.

You can also check bills and invoices against bank statements and conduct the necessary bank recon. The app tracks necessary inventory and claims and records and manages business expenses.

Price: The Early plan begins at $9/month. Growing is $30/month, and Established comes at $60/month.

5. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best web apps for note-taking. It has an empty page to write down the meeting minutes, handling and storing your tasks and other relevant files. It’s fantastic at maintaining coaching and consulting work efficient and organized.

The other features of Evernote include web clippers, templates, syncing notes, notebooks, tags, document sharing, and handwriting search.

CRM and Sales

The apps under this category are used for customer relations and sales in online consulting.

They include:

  • Teamgate
  • Followup.cc
  • Pipe drive

6. Teamgate

Teamgate is software that every consultancy firm needs. It helps you customize and organically grow your business.

The user-friendly interface, customer service, and support are two of its other significant strengths.

Price: The Starter plan begins at $9/Month. You can also use the Professional at $22/month or the Enterprise plan, which is $65/month for other features.

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7. Followup.cc

This app is similar to Gmail. It helps you track your emails and also set up reminders and notes.

One notable fact about this app is that it gives notifications whenever a receiver opens your email. It can substitute address books and spreadsheets, so you’re always in touch with important contacts. 

Price: The monthly fee costs $18 for the Starter Pack. The Salesforce version costs $40/month.

8. Pipedrive

This web app is another fantastic app for CRM; its interface and data presentation style is very appealing. It can help you make your sales process efficient and transparent.

Pipedrive also easily integrates with emails, making them easy to send. It makes use of automation tools to save effort and time. 

Price: Silver plan begins costs $14/month, Gold plan costs $28/month, and Platinum plan costs $56/month.

Productivity and Time Management

Time management is essential in online consultancy, whether on a large or small scale. Making use of time management apps would make your work more efficient.

Here are a few web apps for productivity and time management:

  • FactoHR
  • Hubstaff
  • Focus Booster

9. FactoHR

FactoHR is a suitable solution that gives all the concerns related to your firm’s workforce. Among them, tracking employees’ work hours and determining their productivity levels is one of the significant concerns handled by this web app. 

The timesheet is always streamlined and up-to-date to keep track of the ongoing projects effectively. Moreover, as a consultant, you can figure out the project costings and access downloadable reports about clients, projects, work timings, and many more in just a few minutes. 

Pricing: factoHR does not share its pricing publicly. It offers different plans based on what you need.

10. Hubstaff

One of the significant challenges online consultants face is managing many tasks requiring regular attention. Hubstaff can help you manage your tasks effectively.

Price: It’s Free for single users. The Basic plan starts at $5/month a user. The Premium plan starts at $10 per user.

11. Focus Booster

This app is one of the best web apps for online consulting. It is very effective in time-saving. This app helps you create a good working habits and helps you manage your time correctly.

Price: The Individual package begins at $2.99/month, and the Professional plan costs around $4.99/month.

Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing are very important aspects of any online consulting business. Using web apps for this aspect is a sure way to improve your business.

These apps include:

  • Databox
  • SendX
  • Brand24
  • Clearout

12. Databox

Databox is also one of the best web apps for online consulting; its dashboard reporting software can be used for any consulting business. It helps you easily monitor and report on marketing performance, from your SEO campaigns to email marketing campaigns.

Price: The starter plan begins at $72/month. 

13. SendX

Email marketing helps market your consultancy firm, which is a crucial aspect of marketing, and you need good software to accomplish this. SendX is one of the best web apps for email marketing. It is effortless to use; it helps you manage your marketing campaigns and grow your email list.

Price: The email plan is $7.49/month.

14. Brand24

This web app helps you comprehend the comments made online about your brand. It gives complete information about the mentions, sentiments and discussions on your brand. This feed comes in the form of a volume chart. With this, you can easily spot your brand’s image problems.

Price: Personal Plus begins at $49/month. Professional Premium is $99/month, and Professional Max is $399/month.

15. Clearout

Clearout is another fantastic choice for those who want to create good branding for their emailers. The site allows you to smartly incorporate many features to effectively enjoy email verification.

Price: pricing starts from $21 upward.

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How To Get Clients As An Online Consultant

Here are some tips to help you get clients:

1. Create an effective online presence

Creating an online presence that speaks to your client is very important.

You can achieve this by creating:

  • Website and blog
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Positive social media image

2. Prepare your introduction pitch

You must prepare your pitch beforehand so that you will always be ready and be fast as possible. Your pitch should convince your client that you are a perfect match for the job.

3. Create partnerships

There are different ways you can create partnerships to get consulting clients:

  • You can create with other professionals. They tend to have many clients, so if you can give them what they need, you are good to go. You can also partner with small businesses.
  • Another way to create partnerships is by working with influencers. You can offer them project work; this would help you in the long run because their public opinion about you can bring paying clients.

4. Job postings

You can get jobs as an online consultant by using job postings. You can respond to those job postings and offer your consulting services. Ensure you position yourself well so that you can meet the demands of your clients.

5. Cold pitching

Cold pitching is simply reaching out to prospective clients you desire to work with. Instead of waiting for them to ask for your services, you identify their problem and contact them to offer your help. You can find these clients on newspaper announcements, social media accounts and other essential places.

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How Much Does Online Consultation Pay?

The estimated pay for an Online Consultant is $84,927 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $54,902 per year. The estimated additional pay is $30,024 per year; Additional pay could include cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

Top 15 Online Consulting Business You Can Start

Although you can be a consultant in just about any field these days, the current top 15 consulting businesses include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising
  3. Auditing
  4. Business Writing
  5. Career counseling
  6. Communications
  7. Editorial Services
  8. Insurance
  9. Public relations
  10. Publishing
  11. Human resources
  12. Taxes
  13. Writing services
  14. Payroll management
  15. Marketing

FAQs On 15 Best Web Apps For Online Consulting

Do online consultants make a lot of money?

The estimated pay for an Online Consultant is $84,927 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $54,902 per year. The estimated additional pay is $30,024 per year; Additional pay could include cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Web Apps For Online Consulting?

1. Time tracking
2. Sales tax handling
3. Team collaboration
4. Project Management Tools
5. Branding and marketing
6. Legal Matters

What are the best web apps for online consulting?

1. Mavenlink
2. Scribe
3. Deskera
4. Xero
5. Evernote
6. Teamgate
7. Followup.cc
8. Pipe drive
9. FactoHR
10. Hubstaff
11. Focus Booster
12. Databox
13. SendX
14. Brand24
15. Clearout


We have analyzed the 15 best web apps you can use for your consultancy business. Choose the web apps for online consulting that work best for you, and soon you’ll see the various benefits they can bring.

Once you do so, ensure you use all the services available to maximize your profits.

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